Setting up a form & Landing page for freelancers within the Edgeryders community

We often get asked to recommend communication professionals for other organisations. Or are looking for trusted people with whom to work on initiatives that are run by the Edgeryders organisation.

It is easy to overlook great people within our own community as there is no current overview of who in edgeryders has what skills and is available for what kind of work. So before doing anymore recruitment calls, we want to create a trusted freelancer directory.

Right now the focus is on communication. We want to copywriters, designers, video makers, sales pros etc. To help us create great content for different projects. And run effective communication activities to find and engage the right audiences.

So we quickly need to build:

  1. A form/poll where people let us know about their skills, rates and availability (urgent)
  2. A landing page/way to display the info which makes it easy for people to find the right person(s) for the work at hand (next step)

How can we get something like this together quickly?

The Form Contents


  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Location (country) - some gigs require geographic proximity
  4. Languages in which you work, and level of proficiency for each
  5. Description: Share a bit about your work experience, projects you have completed and your area of expertise
  6. Hourly Rate in EUR

Professional Info

  1. Your Occupation: Select Occupation from drop down menu
    a. Sales -
    b. Fundraising -
    c. Digital Marketing
    d. Graphics & Design -
    e. Writing & Translation -
    f. Programming & Tech -
    g. Music & Audio -
    h. Video & Animation-
    i. Social media
    j. Building strategic partnerships
    H. Community Management
    I. Webinar & Course production

  2. Skills: List the skills related to the services you’re offering and add your experience level.

  3. Education: Add any relevant education details

  4. Certification: Include any certificates or awards that are relevant to the services you’re offering.

  5. Personal Website: Include a link to your personal website or portfolio with your work samples.

Professional Presence

Stack Overflow

For point number one I would suggest using, within 30 minutes or so you’ll be able to create the form to collect the data detailed in the form contents.

For point number two, I would be able to create a django application where you can display, and search for the information. The way I see it it would consist of

  • Login / registration to be able to modify your information. (might be possible to use the same login credentials as
  • A list view where can search for a particular skill.
  • A detail view where you can see all the information of said person.
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It looks like Owen did some work on this already (not ready to share publicly yet):
Curious what you think?

Looks good to me.