Setting up a weekly group video conference call

As the number of projects and and participants on the platform grows, there is a risk that new arrivals as well as people who have been away for some time are lost. Also it is good that members of the community meet other members who they do not know in person. So I suggest that we set up a moderated weekly group video conference call, record the sessions and post them online in the (from now on) weekly blogposts about what is going on and where people can jump in to help each other.

As the unfolding PRISM scandal is reminding us, we need to move away from free commercial alternatives and set up our own, self hosted solutions. One proposal is Apache OpenMeetings. Another is Mozillas BigBluebutton. I prefer the second as it also doubles up as a tool for community workshops, building online courses etc. But as always, they who do the work call then shots :slight_smile:

Any volunteers? Leave a comment below so others in the community who are interested in either open alternatives to the software we love to hate or videoconferencing in particular can find and use whatever solution we run with.

You may find the Edgeryders Developer Manual useful and for any tech related questions do ping @matjahu

Love and more love, Nadia


what server infrastructure do you hava available? to setup BigBlueButton I would need a dedicated virtual machine with min 2GB of RAM and decent bandwidth!

VPS specs

VPS host with 2 GiB RAM dedicated, up to 4 GiB temp, and 100 Mbit/s bandwidth.

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ok, i will just try setting it up first on similar machine i have access to and we can see then if it does its job well enough…

Another suggestion that came in (voice on) with nice UX

I like the interfaces and integration with e.g smart phones: