Setting up processes

We (Edgeryders) are starting to contract people for OpenCare. We would need to touch base with the person who is leading admin work for the project from the leading partner side, concerning contracts, timesheets, this kind of stuff. Would this be @OlgaIvanovaUB? @Audrey_Lagaillarde? Someone else entirely?

Olga? Audrey? maybe Adeline?

I am unsure who is the right person to help. I actually am not sure I entirely get what you need, the nature of those contracts, etc.

Olga and/or Audrey and/or Adeline will certainly reply.


You can put Me (Olga) and Audrey as admin contacts.


Thanks, I will prepare well-structured questions and post them.

Here are my questions

Thanks again, @OlgaIvanovaUB and @Audrey_Lagaillarde. Here:


The EC frowns on subcontracting. We hate fixed costs. The solution is temp contracts. I imagine such temp contracts should be:

  • should be based on time, not deliverables.
  • can be part time.

Anything else we should keep in mind when writing contracts?


What is the unit of time that we should use for timesheets? Day? Week? Month?

Do you have a preferred format for timesheets? Do you want to circulate a template?

<p style="margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:18.0pt;margin-left: <p>0cm"><span>Contracts: Alberto, what is the difference between temps contract and subcontracting? You will take on the people who will work in Edgeryders on the project and you would like to make the temp contract?</p> </span> <p><span>Timesheets: yes, we have the template that we use for all EU projects. But you should calculate and make your own time sheet based on the productive time that you legally have. Each partner should use the own time sheet. In Université de Bordeaux we use the months (we put every month the number of the days that the researches works on the projects).</p> </span> </p>


Good point Alberto.

We do have a template Audrey put up for all of us. I am translating part of it and making it usable over GDrive. The good idea would be that people feed it regularly. Stay tune, it’ll be soon available.

Keeping time

From the Grant agreement. Italics mine,

In addition, for personnel costs (declared as actual costs or on the basis of unit costs), the beneficiaries must keep time records for the number of hours declared. The time records must be in writing and approved by the persons working on the action and their supervisors, at least monthly. In the absence of reliable time records of the hours worked on the action, the [Commission][Agency] may accept alternative evidence supporting the number of hours declared, if it considers that it offers an adequate level of assurance. As an exception, for persons working exclusively on the action, there is no need to keep time records, if the beneficiary signs a declaration confirming that the persons concerned have worked exclusively on the action.