Setting up public facing group for Spot the future

Hi everyone, Noemi and myself are setting up the public group where we are building the spot the future initiative and where project related documents, call for submissions and calls for e.g. community participation will be published. Which should help give everyone a kind of nice overview. Workflow for this week (ideally before the phonecall this evening):

  1. Set up a shared calendar  (customised view aggregating all tasks and events (including UNDP project deliverables) based on dates in a nice calendar/timeline visible for all.
  2. Set up project's public facing objective, goals, engagement model and narrative. 
  3. Post skeletons of first blogposts and calls to action as wikis to be modified & translated by engagement managers.
  4. Post call for people who want to act as local connectors for the Edgeryders tour (connecting them with businesses, investors, media and others of interest to them...we help them build hype/ shine light on awsome projects). Other organisations who want to join? Community members to connect with them?
  5. Post call for graphic/visual profile designs for the project including digital flyers for the tour.

I will add everyone in this group to it as soon as I’ve ticked off some of the things on this list.

looking forward.

public means that is visible by ANYONE who have a profile on ER? which are the levels of access to info (name of clients, problems, budgets and so on can be risky isues)

sorry if maybe i misunderstood the aim of your message.

Can’t be half-public

Hi Simone, so we’re talking of a new Spot the Future group with public information about the UNDP project, so slighty curated.  I suggest we put there the higher level information and overview as to how the current project progresses, so that whoever wants to get involved has a somewhat clear idea of what it’s about, especially not to have to wait for Matthias’s readymade space to actually start the conversation…

From the business strategy level this closed Meta group could also use, not sure about how your work fits in a public space, and whenever there’s something that you feel needs to go out or get more input on…