Sex Tech Conference in Berlin

The level of misogyny on the internet has been a growing problem and that it applies to everything from Twitter abuse to access to porn and positive information about sex.

If we are to shape a human centric internet then female wellbeing and pleasure has to be one of the priorities. This has implications across a wide range of topics incl information and operational security, business models, culture etc.

So I contacted the organisers of SXTech to explore a possible collaboration with us around the Internet of Humans initiative. They kindly offered me a ticket to come to the conference to meet them and others in this scene of technologists, health professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists…

I’ll be in Berlin June 29-July 2 in case anyone wants to meet up while I am in town.

As for the topic/event on Sex Tech itself, let me know if you want me to connect to anyone/ ask anything in particular:

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not sure if I should or even want to go to that conference (although talking about self-expression, the Tumblr-Porncalypse and the impact of adult content in social media is surely a topic worth exploring in such a context), but I’m all up for an internet-of-humans meeting in Berlin, as I live here anyway :slight_smile:

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Cool :slight_smile:

When could be a good time and place for a meetup on June 30?

Sex toys talking to databases. Here’s an idea I find unattractive. But, of course, super-interesting for Forward.

considering that the conference is close to my neighbourhood and it’s a sunday to boot, pick a time - I’ll then offer an appropriate place :slight_smile:

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Sure! isn’t too far from the venue (5-10 minute walk)

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hey @ramykim :slight_smile: You wouldn’t happen to know this crowd?