Shaking up the World - Stewarding Cultural Heritage and Exchange Across Continents

Shaking up the World - Stewarding Cultural Heritage and Exchange Across Continents

Ramona Bavassano presents “Brasilicata Tour”, a case study in creating global , sustainable development processes through cultural exchange and the voluntary commitment of an international network of professionals active in different areas of the cultural industry, and thanks to a non-monetary approach based on an exchange of services and hospitality.

Brasilicata Tour started as an experimental project in 2013 and with a impressive amount of cordinated actions in the summer of  2014. It’s a year-long exchange that brings Lucano artists to Brazil during European winter and viceversa in the warm season, testing the feasibility of rural tourism development for people interested in re-discovering the human capital belonging to the cultural heritage of Italy. Brasilicata Tour is working to create multimedia materials for the documentation and narration of the process through digital diaries, the use of social media and mouth-to-mouth communication among like-minded people in different parts of the world.

Ramona presents Brasilicata to the Edgeryders community in order to get ideas and people for her other project, an eco-village devoted to the sharing of knowledge and the research on art and sustainability, in Jamaica. The project WELCOMING VIBES realizes in Jamaica a planned process of creation of  a sustainable community of multicultural people wishing to live for short or long periods in the beautiful location of Treasure Beach, in the Southern Coast of Jamaica, enjoying eternal spring, unspoiled nature and being part of a relevant process of social and cultural innovation.

Ramona Bavassano has trained as a psychologist and works as a management consultant with more than twenty years of experience, for big and small, private and public companies in Italy, Europe, Asia and Latin America. She deals with the development of human potential and capacity building in areas such as Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Managerial Training, Coaching, Creating Entrepreneurship, Local Development, Marketing and Social Responsibility.


Date: 2014-10-26 10:30:00 - 2014-10-26 10:30:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

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This session is organised by @ramonab - Ramona Bavassano. I just uploaded it for her.

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Of course it’s OK, nothing wrong with it, and Ramona is a super nice, caring person. Not much came out of that LOTE3 session unfortunately, and it would make sense for @ramonab to be aware that some of the people might have heard the same story already once… unless there has been progress with the project.


I didn’t know. I will ask her.