Share Your Skills

This exercise is an opportunity to reflect on what you skills would like to develop in the course of building a product or service with others. As well as which skills you can offer those who could use a little help.

Share a little information with your peers about yourself and what you especially enjoy doing. You don’t need to be an expert, a little experience is enough.

Think about what something you would like to learn. Have a look at the list below. Think about

  1. Woodwork
  2. Metalwork
  3. Ceramics/Porcelain work
  4. 3-d/CAD construction/ Solidworks/Rhino
  5. Drawing, Sketching
  6. Photoshop/ Indesign/ Illustrator
  7. Photography
  8. Graphic design
  9. Illustration
  10. Animation
  11. Motion graphics
  12. Interface design
  13. Audio/visual production (Video + editing)
  14. Copywriting
  15. Dramaturgy
  16. Scenography
  17. Conducting interviews
  18. Business strategy and planning
  19. Business models
  20. Marketing
  21. Sales
  22. Frontend programming
  23. Backend programming
  24. Project management
  25. Community building and management
  26. Translation: German-English | English-German

molecular microbiology and project management plus language polishing are my key professional skills… (includes teaching and analyses, the bio) But, everyone used to think I could make it in radio or theater. :slight_smile:

Hey folks,

I don’t build products, but I’m totally in support of folks sharing skills with one another. Specialization is useful, but within group settings it can also induce imbalances in power. For this reason, it is important that skills (and therefore also the roles associated with them) are shared and rotated.

Personally, I have an interest in consensus-building, facilitation, and conflict resolution. I’d be happy to share knowledge or resources on the topic of communication strategies and group process. If anyone is interested in this, feel free to get in touch with PMS.! You can also see a bit of a series of skillshares we just organized in Prague at . Otherwise, hopefully we’ll be seeing you soon and we’d be happy to share more on all of the things we were up to.

Knowledge is for sharing not owning!