Shared calendar for important dates and deadlines

For each project, event or process time is important. Especially where applications or deliveries are involved.

We have the possibility to set up tasks with dates, we have events module which also has dates. What we don’t have is the possibility to add dates on a shared calendar on a running basis.

Or to get a birds eye view of all imporant dates. Which would help us as hubs in the network to allocate our time efficiently, planning long term, being reminded of when certain deadlines are approaching while not missing important milestones and opportunities. For example, members of the community, and the core team are out and about doing keynotes etc. If we are focusing tweets on them then we help everyone get more visibility.

Also in timing communication drives it’s important to avoid or piggyback on major events, and we should schedule blogposts around them and then use the right hasthags for the posts to get maximum spread.

Can we have an important dates calendar block on every page in the platform?  One where people can both see, enter and follow important dates (if it can be synced with ical and google cal even better)