Shared Solution for the Healthcare System: @powermakesussick

Notes form the Listening Triad session with @powermakesussick at OpenVillage Festival (19th October 2017):

[quote=powermakesussick]I don’t know if I fully understand what Open Village is, but I think it is ways for people to collaborate on self organised care, but I think there is a tech component and a liberal component that I don’t really agree with. This was clear in the previous presentation, the slide about revolution: to say forget revolution is sort of bullshit and this delimits peoples actual rage and motivation to create those movements.

I am part of a collective PMS, doing creative research on autonomous health care practices and networks, and the ways that our mental, physical, and social health is affected by power structures and the formal and informal ways people take care of each other. build tools for people to create more accountability, and have a step between the things they already do with friends and reliance on state based health care systems. share resources around these different methods, in order to strengthen them. accountability model will be shared more soon. we reach out also to other groups that do similar work, and give them a space to share. powerful in anonymity, to protect the work of people who might be doing things the state doesn’t find acceptable, like taking care of other’s health, so with this we have a way to share what they work on or their struggle. this gives us the freedom to do the kind of work we find most interesting.[/quote]

While the quote is attributed to @powermakesussick, it does not mean it is something written or said by the user verbatim. Rather, it comes from live notes taken by somebody else during the listening triad session. Take with a grain of salt and understanding :wink: