Sharing Crowd Sourcing Week 2014 Learning's @ Copenhagen

Hey All,

For the last three days I have been attending Crowd Sourcing Week 2014 @ Copenhagen.

I have learned about some very awesome crowd communities from Open Ministry to Crowdicity to Crowd Curity having solutions from sharing to security

For more on the details of the speakers and projects check  Crowd Sourcing Week 2014 @ Copenhagen

I have shared the crowd community development and policy development to community engagement of Edgeryders, UnMonastery and LOTE4 activities. Also for the edgeryders community I have also developed a playlist of participants feedback which I also shared with CSW Europe community too.

The playlist of videocasts 

Also, there is an online festival happening about Disruptive Innovation Festival during Oct 20 to 14 Nov organized by I have had a pleasure to talk with Ken Webster from the community and he is very interested to innovate disruptively with Edgeryders.

Moreover, there are other cool connections that can bring value to this community and vice versa.

I will be uploaded, updating and upgrading the connection on this thread between CSW Europe and Edgeryders , exactly like between Edgeryders and Collab Camp, Grasp Community on my previous post on Agora.

From all these connections and my past digital material from edgeryders and unmonastery i am in the process of developing a user journey experience based on my own path to attract others from Scandinavia in particular and the world in general for participating in distributed way to the lote 4 event :):slight_smile:

Hope all is going great for the prep of the event !! :slight_smile:

C u all soon …