Sharing Resources on (pan) European Populism

Thanks a lot for sharing these resources @Jan!
Re kindle to pdf conversion:

Came across this title: Bergmann: Conspiracy & Populism: The Politics of Misinformation 1st ed. 2018
Haven’t had a chance to look into it, but could be interesting…esp to you @Djan :slight_smile:



Reuters Insitute (OX) in its new Digital News Reprot finds that Poles trust the national state TVP the list. Full report here, screenshot on Poland below, but I think the entire report will be a good source to explain our online sampling logic.

Maybe of interest, new book " The Political Economy of Eastern Europe 30 years into the ‘Transition’"

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Great Zdenek, I just got a pdf copy today in an email by O. Slacalek. Looking forward to read it. :slight_smile:

@jitka.kralova, could you share that pdf? :DD

Political Economy of Eastern Europe 30 years.pdf (4.3 MB)

I am also attaching a pdf of Partha Chatterjee’s book ‘I am the People’ that I recently got a hold of and that proposes a very interesting set of arguments about our understanding of European populism and the populist ‘crisis of democracy’.
I Am the People.pdf (1.7 MB)