Sharing The City – what came out of workshop #1

During the first Sharing the City workshop we identified several themes and issues that could be explored further, or that could use some creative solutions. Below is a list of the themes and issues that were discussed with links to posts where we go into the topic in more detail and include links to relevant initiatives happening elsewhere and ideas for small actions or projects that we could easily do and involve others in.

We’ve summarised the discussions around each topic as well as some ideas for how to move forward.

  • Who and what is in the neighborhood: It would be very helpful to base discussions about what to do and how, on reliable information.And to discover the great community initiatives that are already out there...We are crowdsourcing an up to date map of community initiatives. Come help here
  • Housing: Empty spaces exist but community members have no access to them as landlords/owners prefer to keep them empty for various reasons. Someone mentioned they were seeing a lot of kids sleeping on the streets and worried about what would happen to them as it gets colder. What could we do about this? Discuss here
  • Sharing & Solidarity: “I fell in love with Berlin because people where generous”. How does sharing make the neighborhood better? What is currently being shared and what could be? What do you have that you are willing to share? Tools? Language skills? space? Anything else? How could we even make a business from it? Share your ideas here
  • Neighborhood/Relations/Communication: Do you ask the neighborhood baker to stock Soya-milk for you, or do you go somewhere else to buy it? How do we manage to get around language barriers so people do not feel alienated in their home; what possibilities are there in the Kiez to pick up a new language and have fun? Why does this matter at all? Discuss here
  • Sanitation and Hygiene: Someone mentioned that not everyone in the hood has access to proper sanitation. In the insulting the clientele video, “dogshit” was mentioned..and in yesterday’s discussion it popped up again.Does this affect you? Have any ideas? Suggestions here
  • Social Justice: In Germany it is currently hard for the poor and immigrants to get justice. Do you have any idea where to turn to for help should someone you care about need it? How can we contribute towards a working judicial system? Discuss here

Virginie Gailing did these great graphic notes that visualize the complexity very well.

P.S If you like the Sharing the City initative and want to explore the same in your city,we can find each other on the internet more easily if you use the hasthag #STCnameofyourcityhere .