Shenzhen Assembly - Know thyself and our world in the digital era

@Costantino and me are here in Shenzhen at Tsinghua University, invited  to partecipate to  the sixth in a series of Sage Bionetworks’ events on open innovation. (read more here )

The title is Know thyself and our world in the digital era and focuses  on the increasing knowledge through personal sensors, and how this form of open learning in a digital era can be applied to an area of shared concern – the environment.  the meeting will focus on the ubiquity of and the knowledge to be gained from personal sensors, and how this information can be applied to address issues of real concern.

the 3-day meeting is part conference and part hands-on. We’re in the Innovation in open science project team and we’ll:

"Explore hacker/maker space projects in digital health and the environment.  Imagine a gathering where we will tackle the theme of the Assembly by making something together in a state-of-the-art maker space.  Luping Xu and Francois Grey, with the help of esteemed leaders in the maker world such as David Li and Eric Pan, will guide participants in a brainstorming session to build software or make objects in a space with equipment such as 3-D printers, sewing machines with conductive thread, microcontrollers, sensors, the works! "

The team will be lead by Luping Xu and Francois Grey (active in open hardware community at cyberlab - read more here ) , and will actively engage with the maker spaces in Shenzhen.

More after the event.

In the meanwhile some bits about Sage Bionetworks and also the reason why we accepted invitationa and we’ll talk about Opencare:

Inspired by open-source software models, Sage Bionetworks co-founder Stephen Friend builds tools that facilitate research sharing on a massive and revolutionary scale:

John Willibanks of Sage Bionetworks about medical data

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