Shine a light: weekly "Meet the Edgeryders" posts

While a lot of contributions and sessions happen in skype calls behind the scenes, this can be an easier way for socializing new people in edgeryders and the festival. Can we support them to understand the common work and be seen by the broader community? Can we also shine some light on the great work of current festival participants? (especially if they havent head their personal story posted).

Get in touch with someoen, and write a thoughtful story featuring the person and their open care work. What did you learn about them and their work? What questions does it raise? Should we expect to meet them in Brussels?  Check back with the person to see if they feel confortable with the text.

When you are ready, post your story in the OpenVillage coordination group and make sure to include a hi res photo of the person. Works as a weekly routine? One team member = one weekly post?

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What do you think of the weekly post?

Does this work as a routine?

From existing participants: I’d like to know more about Michael Dunn, Lucy, GenghisAloeMatteo , Vincent_Mortier , even Owen ! These are just examples…

From new participants: you know best :slight_smile:

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up for giving that a go… what are we looking to achieve?