Shining some light-- looking at Alberto Cottico

Alberto is an interesting edgeryder, balancing his still-obvious interest in music with his work in the white-papered hallways of policy and research. Discussing the balance of his choices, of finding his work, his avocation/interests, and finding the courage to alter, or expand, his course of development mid-careers, Alberto mentions that he has faced some realities of economics (he spends less on vacations, consumables), expertise (he continues to write and publish and hone his skills even mid-career), and has some vision of his future, which remains fluid.

Maintaining a professional resume, network of professional contacts, and a steady income seems to have been both challenge and accomplishment throughout the changes Alberto navigates-- and, even if one works avocationally (or unpaid), it seems that publishing results of study/work (as possible), continuing to remain current/knowledgeable in your field, and active communication links/networks are invaluable to maintaining, or building, or rebuilding, a career.

Successfully establishing and maintaining the connections required, and then working together with these valued peers to build an interactive, productive site like edgeryders, to enable others to share and hone their talents and skills, sets Alberto apart as an edgemapper, blazing a trail online where people can interrelate and contribute, without boundaries of age or access, and at their own levels of development.

Thanks but - where is the lesson?

Michele, thanks a lot. I am delighted that my trajectory got you thinking!

However, on Edgeryders we do not share our stories o look for compliments What I was hoping for was to get advice, and hopefully to help others. This mission “Shine some light”, is supposed to select somebody  from whose story you learn something that you can put to use in your own journey. Is there anything in my trajectory that you think you might try yourself? I tried reading your “Share your ryde” mission report, but still cannot imagine what…

Almost forgot…

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