Should we ditch Google Drive?

I was just made aware of CryptPad. It’s a GDocs/GSlides/GDrive substitute.

  • Open source
  • Self-hostable (also cloud version, same business model as Discourse, it seems).
  • Markdown based
  • Everything encrypted

Now, I’m not saying we should go out and adopt it. But it does mesh well with the approach we have been developing, and we do use GDrive a lot, which does not mesh nearly as well.

Thoughts? @matthias @hugi and all?

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While it does try to frame itself as a substitute for docs and slides, it really isn’t. And it’s definitely not a substitute for drive since you can’t store anything else on it then Cryptpad documents. It’s a pretty good collaborative markdown editor with some nice bells and whistles, but that’s about it. I might consider using this for collaborative code writing, but not much else.

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Have you looked at Nextcloud with Collabora? Nextcloud is a Gdrive substitute that comes with encryption (on-server though). You can connect different Nextcloud instances to eachother. Collabora is ‘gdocs for LibreOffice’, and plays nice with Nextcloud as an integrated module.

You can self-host, or choose to at least decouple hosting service from the software service.

I’ve been using Nextcloud for various things. Running it for my company on a VPS, and at home for a few things on a Raspberry Pi.

I definitely think that a network like Edgeryders would do well to leave the silos like G alone and switch to tools that mimic the way Edgeryders works and organises better.
In terms of control, freedom to tinker, and the tools being fully within the scope of those using them, Nextcloud/Collabora fits. It’s easy enough to use. It may be that for some further flung parts of the network it may be less accessible, at least in those places where the silos are the full internet experience. (I eg. worked in Central Asia with people for whom Facebook was their internet, the only way they could connect at all)


Nice… but what does “for Libre Office” mean? Are you editing through desktop LO?

What I meant is that Collabora is built to be fully compatible with LibreOffice, as in it can open, edit and store open document formats without complications (whereas .doc aspects might convert less flawless). Editing with Collabora is in-browser.

Can we please not do this during a phase where we really are dealing with a lot of complexity and having to bring people on board enough stuff as it is…?

No one said anything about when. :slight_smile:

That’s also possible in LibreOffice Calc (spreadsheets), and under development for the rest of LibreOffice (where so far only one user can have write access at the same time, but the others can open the same document read-only).

In my opinion, browser-based editing of any complex document is an abomination anyway. As in, try Google Docs for a document of ≥30 pages … . Would be happy with a system that allows to open the same document inside the browser or in LibreOffice for synchronous editing, and maybe we could get close to that with the Collabora tool mentioned above.

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