Should we do a Culture Squad strategic meeting?

Given that:

  1. Our ECOC track record just improved as Galway won the title of ECOC 2020.
  2. A pitch is being developed.
  3. The coming months will see a new round of ECOC competitions launched, in the UK and Hungary.
  4. Meanwhile, more countries are getting ready to go: Estonia, Austria, Germany and Slovenia.
  5. Lithuania has come to a shortlist of two cities, which now need to bid for the 2022 title (source – notice that the deputy mayor of St. Gilles is a member of the adjudicating panel!).
  6. @Alex_Levene is here in Brussels.

How about a strategic meeting? We need to consider how we are going to pitch Culture Squad amazingness to candidate cities, and how we are going to find candidate cities to begin with. Most importantly, we need to come up with actionables and a plan for the next 2-3 months.

What do you think? @Noemi , others?

@Natalia Skoczylas ?

@Natalia_Skoczylas ?

Sure, any time this week is good for me

I’d like to be involved!

I’d like to help out where I can! Pretty much any time this week works for me.

Long shot… But tomorrow morning?

I can do 9 30 CET tomorrow (wed). I’ll be with limited connectivity for the rest of the week. If not I’ll make it somehow the days after,  whatever you decide.

Might be possible

I’m Skyping @Alberto tomorrow morning at 10 am CET. It’s possible for me to move that by a bit to make time for this meeting.

i can do tomorrow 9:30 CET

Works for me here.

Otherwise we can look at a time on Thursday

Just ping me when you start, I have an interview around 9AM CET, so hopefully I can jump in sometime right after it