Should we do @edgeryders twitter rotation curation?

Hi Everyone,

hope this message finds you well and rested post lote3 :slight_smile:

Everyone did an amazing job of coming together and making it happen. I have been thinking a bit about how to build on the work we have done and at the same time open Edgeryders more to the community members making it their own. As well as bringing us closer to one another.

One of the questions that kept popping up is what Edgeryders is. For me Edgeryders is all about the community members. Our efforts to move forward and come up with creative solutions to the systemic challenges we face in one of the most challenging social climates in decades. And our attempts to collaborate in addressing them.

I think rotatation curation of the Edgeryders Twitter account could be a good way of achieving this. What does it mean? That each week someone new from the Edgeryders community would tweet from the Edgeryders twitter account sharing their daily life and work with peers from around the planet. Some links I came across:

What do you think, should we try? [Noemi]?

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+1 more community members making Edgeryders their own

What a lovely idea, I could not be happier! If I may add, this would be very useful for a number of reasons and for a number of people:

  1. It would allow for more personalized tweeting and disclosure that there’s a human behind the ER account. It makes it much more friendlier and authentic, less organisation-related and more people related.

  2. It would allow for more focused selection of content. I have been running the account for some time now, and as a community manager I always strive to do justice to the diversity and amount of content here on the website. But the trade off is that you can’t properly curate what goes out if you’re pushing small bits of very different ideas and posts. A weekly curator could push what they like to read here without striving to read everything like myself.

  3. It encourages greater ownership indeed, and more active participation from more of us here in the social media team.

  4. It means Edgeryders would learn a valuable skill: packetizing and delivering content, practicing online engagement could turn out to be helpful in whatever our individual projects are.

Adil&me planning to

Adil&me planning to resurrectthe ERsweden twitter handle, which was dead for a while. (mb use it for the radio thing or just in parallel with ER main).

I’m volunteering for couple of tweets a day from the @edgeryders. I like tweeting&looking for nice edgeryders quotes. Can tweet stuff from my quote depository. It’s growing slow, but it does.

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Gee thanks!

Do you think it would work if you and others each volunteer a couple of tweets a day? the risks can be 1. that you overstep on someone else tweeting or 2. that it becomes a couple of tweets in many days, if no one takes a concrete responsibility. How about if you try for 1 week - one day can be 2 tweets and others can be more, and see how it works? 

Just saying, I’m no expert. Then again, any help with this is appreciated :slight_smile:  

PS looking forward to see ER Sweden back!!

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Agree with [Noemi]. As a token of appreciation, we could personalize the account for the curator: the username has to stay the same (@edgeryders), but the Free text field for the name could be changed ("K for Edgeryders), and so could the avatar. In the profile, the curator could add a link to her own Twitter account or blog, and leave with a tweet saying something like “This is K signing off, thank you Edgeryders for letting me drive the Twitter account. Find me on twitter at @j32804” or whatever. Hopefully some of those followers will also want to follow the curator.

Edgeryders is starting to be a respectable Twitter account, with 1,351 followers and in 76 lists. It’s a different experience to drive than a rookie account. When my account hit 1,000 followers I really started to get some value out of it it.

Agree. I can do the list of approx tweets for a week (can’t really plan all the tweets in advance, coz, you know, but some of them, lets say the posts I recently read and liked on ER)

Like the idea of tweeting who “week ahead curated by @j32804” and the sign out.

You reckon 1 tweet a day (optionally more)? +RTs from pers ER accounts?

great, it’s a deal

ping me on skype or g plus for a chat and handing over the password?

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