Should we keep this category?


Could we remove this category? It is not used. I would like to clean up the category structure a bit.

I started by making the festival hackathon category in an open proposal writing space:

I think it might be nice to delete this (move the posts somewhere) and make this a category chiefly for coomunity and topical calls, as it would be nice to have those threads all together :slight_smile:

Removing it is okay by me. Check with @nadia too.

please do not before you check with the research team if it ik? ping @amelia @alberto

Of course! And we should move the posts in here not just delete them. But as it is now this is just an unused category cluttering up the structure.

fine with me – I don’t code anything that doesn’t have content produced by a community member.

ok, so should we relocate or remove these introductions? And where should we relocate them to? Just to hang out in “tell us about you” ?

the ones with quality content put in tell us about you. The rest in general stream ( campfire)

this topic can be archived which I think means you can’t post to it after you do it, and it can be unlisted which I think leaves it as is but hides it.

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I would also get rid of this cat.

More than quality, it is about pertinence. If this is IOH-related stuff, it should stay in IOH.

Tell us about you has been used for personal stories, and I guess this was the idea with a “participants” cat. So I expect most of this to go into that cat.