Should we pressurize the Estonian govt on Article 13 and #uploadfilters?


I received this message from @teirdes:

as executive at edgeryders, you could reach out to the estonian ministry of finance (if edgeryders is still registered there) and ask whether the new copyright rules will influence your community-driven platform and how.
it’s not clear to me that edgeryders is covered by any of the exceptions since you’re not github, wikipedia or eBay. see here for explanation:
you need to get a hold of a state secretary or so. someone very close to the minister. and it only works if you are actually registered there. tell them if they plan to make an adjustment plan for platforms like yours, and that it would be very welcome (or something like this).

@nadia, @matthias, do you have capacity and/or interest?


Good idea, just not my realm.

I really want a permanent solution, something that does not depend on any next group of Internet noobs from damaging the whole thing with their laws. Back to cryptoanarchist traditions, for me …


Yes. Ill do it.


Way to go, @nadia. Let’s see if you can shake the tree hard enough that a minister falls out of it :smile:


I think tech determinism is unlikely to achieve what you want Matt. As the state can ultimately leverage its monopoly on violence against any individual or group. Being in a society is a constant process of negotiating different needs and interests. Staying within line of sight = ability to maneuvre what comes out.


FWIW, I am with @nadia on this one.