Skills in life

An importan skill is to be human. Being social and bring smiles is an ability wich is not for everyone.  Organization skill, communications skill, creative skill, dream skill are important in life.

I need skills like : communications beacuse I like being with people and I need how to speak with them, creative skills beacuse I must be creative all the time and do not let my life become boring, couraje skills beacuse I need to be prepared for everything in life, organisations skills for work to be organize and rational in everything, sports skill to keep fit and an healty body .

I’m learning these skills day by day. Looking around you is enough to know what you want. I’ve always wanted to help people and to be a good person. So , for that I need to communicate with them, to understand and smile. Smile is also a skill. Not everyone can smile with warm and pleasure for other people. A good smile is the best way to make people feel good. The couraje I’m learning from my father. He is an example for me everyday and I like to name him my hero. Creative skills help me to find new ways for living. I like dance , I like nature , I like sport. These skills helps me to stay focus and do other activities .

I’m very happy with what I’ve learned so far, beacuse these skills helps me to find my way, to be different from the rest of the world. These skills makes difference between people.

These skills helped me to become the person who I am today. To be thankfull for everything, to apreciate the people next to me, to have friends and to smile.


Hello, Diana Maria! Thank you for sharing your positive attitude! I want to send you a virtual smile :slight_smile: It’s a good point with the smiles! we should all not forget about this!:slight_smile:

Smile back!

Thanks for comment!  I agree, smile can make you a better person. Nice to meet you!