Small announcement: The Reef on the Future of Europe Conference + reeflings group

Two small announcements today.

First: I wanted to test the platform for the Future of Europe conference, so I submitted an idea on co-housing, which was accepted.

If you are interested in the conference, or want to add something, please visit the idea page (link below), and add your voice to it. Not a lot of interest so far, some hundreds of people following it, but only three endorsements. One of the three also engaged in discussion.

Second: I created an Edgeryders group called Reeflings, with all of us in it. To access it, select “Groups” from the hamburger menu next to your avatar. You can of course leave it at will. The main reason I did that is that now we can all mention everyone in the group in one go, like this: @reeflings. The mention makes sure everyone in the group receives a notification. Another thing you can do is send a private message via Edgeryders to the group, and again all of us will receive notifications.

We could even set an email address, so people would send an email to this address and that would create an Edgeryders message to this group. For now I have not done this, I don’t think we need it.