Smart farming

I’m Mohammed, engineering student and co-founder of I-TERRA.

Although agriculture is essential in sustaining human life. The practices associated with it have been known to have certain impacts on the environment. The most notable of these effects includes climate change and general environmental degradation.
Our journey began in Tifelt, a rural region in morocco where we met farmers like Abdelkader. Abdelkader is a mixed farmer, he relies on strawberries, bananas and orange to generate multiple revenue streams for his family. However, Abdelkader was facing serious problems on his farm. First, his crop productivity is below estimations and affected by diseases and pests. Second, the soil degrades and becomes unusable due to intensive use of pesticides, fertilizers.
Abdelkader is not alone, 7 out of 10 farmers are mixed ones, and they are alongside the X million smallholder farmers across the world urgently need new solutions to increase their productivity without doing harm.
Because we believe that there is no problem too big, too daunting or too difficult to solve, we were looking for transformative and radically new business model that rethinks the most deeply-ingrained patterns in farmers’ behaviors. As a result, we launched our project I-TERRA, an introduction to smart agriculture.

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