Sneak Peek: Covid19 + Resilient Livelihoods: An Online Summit

I took a course on how the EU functions and I’m still not sure I completely get it. I do assume that the distribution of relief and help in the EU is nothing like what goes on under Trump. Here right now all the money is being passed out as political favors. They don’t even try to hide it.

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Interesting but the link does not work

it’s not yet published - am putting the finishing touches on it - ought to be out next week

A “readable” book about that topic


K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik, the non-for-profit transfer agency of the artistic academies in Saarland/Germany, is going to run a project in cooperation and with financial support of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Saarland/Germany aiming for strengthening resilience of artists and creatives in times of crises, but also in so called normal times through cooperative approaches of procurement-commissioning processes, training, production and social security issues. We would be very interested in being involved in the discussions around and during the online summit “COVID19 + Resilient Livelihoods”. Thank you for telling us how a possible onboarding could happen.


@JuliaHartnik, that sounds perfect.
As a first step, it would be great if you could make a short post about the project you are already planning (around 300 words maybe?).
You can find the WIP summit programme here:

you could comment on which topics you are interested in or suggest your own topic event which we could/should realise together.

The focus on artists is very interesting. Maybe it could also be a good partner event to the one on [ Session on endangered researchers and precarity in higher education ]
(Session on endangered researchers and precarity in higher education), as you have the art academy involved and many artists go through higher education to end up in precarity situations. While at the same time art is such an essential factor of coping with stressful situations like this pandemic: Music or video art suggestions for coping with confinement blues?.

We are happy to start the conversation with you on how to address the topic of sustainable art in the sense of artists being able to make a living and also how artists contribute to a society staying “sane” in the summit!

All of our events are built on community initiatives, so start by telling us what you want to discuss and address, who you would bring and who you would like to invite :).

Hi @JuliaHartnik:slight_smile: I’m working on the session @MariaEuler pointed out and would be happy to collaborate. Esp. this part in your website took my attention for learning/sharing from/with you: …”Over the past 5 years, K8 has attracted funding from a wide variety of sources to conduct over 50 individual projects with private and public organizations that involved different elements of our open innovation framework (which includes approaches from different design fields such as critical, game, people-centered, universal design). K8 is currently in the process of synthesizing and validating methodological outcomes across projects through the iterative development of a multidisciplinary “Collaboration Design Toolkit”. Could you tell us more or maybe we could discuss, how to possibly integrate your toolkit into the concept here?: Session on endangered researchers and precarity in higher education

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came across this today, might be of interest: The Response: Transitioning to thriving resilient communities - Shareable

Hi @JuliaHartnik, thanks for this suggestion!
Are you still interested in this? I’m in touch with a few other cultural institutions (e.g. neue unentdeckte narrative) that are facing similar questions, and I would love to catch up on this a bit further (here or happy to have a call) to see where I can help make such a discussion happen. What do you think?

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