So, someone is selling a plot of land that looks OK. What should we do?

Through a friend, I just learned that someone will “soon” be selling this building. We are nowhere near to being ready, but perhaps team @reef-building wants to take the opportunity for a sort of drill. What do we do when we heard a rumour like that? Approach the person? Go take pictures? The nice thing about this case is that my friend is happy to put us in touch with the owner personally.

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It’s great to hear that people are thinking of us! Very encouraging.

For now however I think we would do ourselves a favour by focusing on the short term objective of getting everything in place to be able to purchase a site when we find one.

In the case of Team Building they agreed yesterday that they will first focus on 1) help the plenary to find an agreement on which common spaces we would like to have, and 2) what is the impact of certain architectural choices (e.g. future-proofing in all its facets) on the budget (including possible trade-offs) (see the Team’s kick-off post for further details).

Once the first task is finished, I guess there will be a little more capacity (also more Reeflings) to start working on a technical fiche that could be used for a first screening. We received a template (internal link), so all we need to do is adjust it to The Reef’s parameters.

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Agree. I was thinking not of full-on engagement in negotiation (which we cannot do, since we have no basis for it), but of something like “so, when will you be selling? We still need some time to assess your building against our parameters”.