So, we lost (so far)

Bad news: none of our applications made the list of the first 33 cities (list here).

As for Matera, I think it lost the race to Byblos in Lebanon – similar size, similar spiel (also a contender for oldest continuosly inhabited city in the world).

I suggest [AD_admin] makes contact to inquire what happens next. [LucasG] suggests re-applying, but I don’t think you can: it seems to me there is only the one application, and from now on RF should be making contact with more cities to select the remaining 67 ones.

Foundation followup


I wrote to Tyler Ahn of RC/RF on Monday morning…asking what happents next …I will call her if I don’t get a reply by Fri morning…


Oh, wow. I missed this post. That is such a pity :frowning:

I guess it happens, but last weeks have been horrible for Basilicata: rains, floods and destruction and I was thinking of the Resilient Cities bid thinking that things are going to get worst every year… :frowning:

More can be followed on #allertameteoBAS.