Social Enterprise Start-Ups

Social Innovation is causing a huge buzz around the world today, it’s trendy, vero close to be a fashion item.

Few cases happens that business companies starts to understand that being sustainable, inside out, will be a matter of surviving on the market, and not just a short term way to sell more, a marketing strategy.

Start-ups… same story. Everyone talks about start-ups, how to do, ohw to cultivate, incubate, accelerate.

Shame is that incubators and accelerators are usually located into academic or institutional environment, often the most fulfilling their own needs, rather than being of real help to the ideas and projects, the subject of their being alive.

This is primarily connected to some facts:

  1. these are primarily “phisical spaces”, than anything else, with high costs that someone needs to pay

  2. both cases, academic or institutional, they rely on a poor matrix of real competences, connections to real companies, real needs

  3. they lack what is essential to any young company that is willing to fly, from professionals to help, to network with markets

  4. more than anything else, and more specifically if we talk about “social needs”, they lack visibility, communication to future customers, users, citizens. Usually incubators and accelerators are a kind of gold prison where, in the name of patents and investments, idead and projects are kept almost secret.

Edgeryders itself is a perfect model of what these are not.

Social4Social is a project born from the experience of a small number of professionals, living in Italy and UK, to grow up a different place where to grow ideas, projects and start-ups, more specifically engaged with Social Innovation and causing new Social Enterprises to start, changing the paradigm of knowledge sharing and using pervasively the Web to connect, network, innovate.

Soon Social4Social will be a start-up itself, with 2 main “virtual offices”, London and Milano, with aim to have a global office on the cloud, where taking main actions and operations, but with in mind that human beings needs also to phisically touch base somewhere, when the need will claim that.

On cloud all the activities will be performed: pre-assessment, coaching, consulting, forming business plans, networkiing with professionals and market experts, speed-dating with companies and lenders, and more.

But more than this, Social4Social would like to be at same time an open community of people sharing a future vision, and a marketplace where people work (and being paid) for this to happen.

Edgeryders is a perfect place where to collect people willing to catch this opportunity, to get experienced professionals, to cause other “virtual office” managers to be engaged, due the project will surely grow fast