Social event coming up: The Reef + Parti Collective

Hello @reeflings, Parti Collective is coming to town for their annual gathering. Some of them are close friends, and I trust them completely. Plus, they are very intrigued by The Reef, and indeed have a similar project to build a common home somewhere in Europe.

I offered them a meetup with a delegation from The Reef, which they accepted. And while we were at iot, we decided to connect it to a Reef social event, open to all reeflings and all Parti collective members in town. This happens on Sunday 21th of July at 11.00 at Lie’s place. The full agenda of Parti Collective’s gathering is here. I will update the calendar as soon as I can, and when we are closer start the usual poll.


Sunday 14th of july … :wink:

Sorry, it’s the 21st :slight_smile:

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