Social innovation and international connectiveness in the European Caribbean

Led by Las Indias

Client: one or more regional governments (Guadalupe, Curaçao etc.)?

Europe has a colonial legacy in the Caribbean. Its inhabitants are legally and culturally part of Europe. They suffer from a disconnect from the mothership. Mainland Europe suffers too, as these territories are a natural bridgehead for commerce with Latin America. We attempt to bridge this gap by turning them into a hotbed of social innovation/business model innovation.

Part of this is the unMonastery model: bringing European social innovators to the Caribbean to develop new tech/social business.

Role of Las Indias: project leader and strategy maker. Main vendor, leveraging  existing presence in the European Caribbean. Other?

Role of Edgeryders: recruiting community members on the unMonastery template. Embedding the knowledge generated into an online debate. Others?

Next step: ?


This sounds like a really interesting proposal.

I think that the premise your start from is a really challenging position to take. I can see a number of people would question the legal status, however to me this seems like a legitimate statement to make.

The carribean also holds the posibility of creating links back through to Africa as well.

I’m currently living and working in rural Ethiopia and seeing the cultural links that country has to a European past.

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What do you mean?

Based on what I understood from @lasindias , these regions are overseas territories of European countries: Curaçao of the Netherlands, Guadalupe of France and so on. How is this up for debate?

Hopefully, the Indianos themselves can clarify.

Always learning

I had no idea that this was the case. I knew that the British Virgin Islands was still attached to the UK through some difficult archaic mechanism, but it never occurred to me that their were similar territories still attached to other mainland European countries.

Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union

@alex-levene @alberto Guadalupe is French territory and Curaçao is an Overseas country of the European Union International Partnerships and member of the Association of the Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union

We are working on this project, putting together some ideas and exploring ways to make it possible. More info in a few days :wink: