Social Media Campaign Ideas

Hi! I’m here with my colleagues from the Service Design Master in Milan and we were just looking at the social media campaing post. We think this could be interesting - what do you think?

1.What is a powerful, creative message to prompt people to go on the CheFare website and cast a vote? What would an effective call for participation look like, in a paragraph?

"Are you a Radical Innovator? Would you like to be…? How about taking some time off from your day to day and focusing on solving some of the worlds biggest problems? Does this idea sound appealing to you? If so, vote for the UNmonastery project and let’s see if we can make this idea a reality!

Support a High Impact Community Transformation focusing on Solving some of the Worlds Biggest Problems."

2.What traditional and new media is available to push the message out into the world? Italian? International? Can we create or target specific events and rally their participants to cast a vote?

PR: Internazionale (IT), The Guardian (INT), BBC News (INT), Rai (IT), Al Jazeera (INT), The Times (INT), Time Mag. (INT), IL Magazine (IT),

Fast Co. (NM), Social Media (FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest), Cultural Innovation Blogs, Smart Cities;

3.Which communities or spokesperson could be interested and could partner up to act as distributors of the message?

TED(x), Global Service JAM, Service Design Network, EXPO 2015,