Social Media / Communications Deliverables

1. Digital outreach/engagement package:
Engagement model and messaging matrix design
Interactive campaign design
Backend content research and aggregation
Social content optimisation and link building
Campaign blast
Campaign fullfillment and KPI reporting
Curatorial Writing
2. Customised Minisite with online registration
Graphic design
Information architecture
Developer time
3. Workshop Materials
Fabric totes
Name tags: participants | curators | Event services crew
Talk to me bubble stickers
Non permanent whiteboard markers
Post it notes: which sizes?
Static sticker whiteboard rolls
Roll ups (not required)
Agenda + case study poster (or practical information), Folded
Participant directory, A5 format
Individual participant envelopes with key questions
2 page case study pre-reader/
Template & instructions for group discussion documentation
Template & instructions for case study presentations
Poster template for Specialised knowledge insights: Name of Specialised Knowledge Area & Key principles, questions and considerations. Key outcomes/insights. A3 posters.
4. Video \#1: Aim is to introduce people and projects participating in \#lote4 as well as inspire engagement in the hackathons
Graphic design
5. Daily social media curation and management
8-10 curated status updates on daily basis
Graphic design: flyers (photo + quote)
Graphic design: 5 case study posters
Graphic design: visualisation key points and questions
6. Participation in 2 events:
Participation in design/planning hangouts
Preparation of instructions and design materials for LOTE4
Participation in LOTE4 event in October
7. Video \#2: featuring participants present at LOTE4 and using footage gathered shot during the event, its aim is to serve as documentation
Graphic design
8. Optional: Synthesis of key information, insights and highlights from online dscussion
Proposal for session at \#lote4 event for presenting key insights, and gathering input from participants
Preparation of 1-3 page report
Building of collaborative guide to stewardship