Social media engagement with Spot The Future: a proposed workflow

The final week of March saw a lot of activity. Most of it was spot on, but inevitably with that level of energy, it is now time to tighten a few screws. Let me clarify.

  • Yes, we do expect the Agency to use its full social media firepower to help with Spot The Future!
  • No, we don't expect the Agency to tamper with Spot The Future information architecture. The project is so complex as to be almost overwhelming as it is: if you have suggestions we are listening, but don't take initiatives (new campaigns, extra engagement channels etc.) without we (Nadia, Noemi, me, Matthias if it has tech consequences and Arthur if it has financial consequences)  OKing it. 

So, in practice, I would ask of the Agency:

  1. take on board our information architecture and teach yourselves to use the appropriate vocabulary. We need to call the same items in the ontology (second table) with the same name everywhere on the platform and funnel website, or we will hopelessly confuse users.
  2. coordinate with @Noemi and the engagement managers on a way that she can let you guys know what STF content we want highlighted in any given day, or week. With Edgeryders 1 she posted one line  a day, and we all reshared it. It seemed pretty effective, but you can probably do better. Notice you will need to decide how to handle the Facebook resources in Armenian, Arabic and Georgian: decisions like: are they called STF or ER? 
  3. pick quantitative targets and let us know them, then work towards them. This might require some setup work, because Google Analytics can only track conversions through counting page views, so you need to set up goals in those terms. Speaking of which, don't you guys want access to our Google Analytics? How do you know how it's going so far? 
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we have access to google analytics :slight_smile:

Alberto –

We can do a lot with one line a day. It’s a fine idea. Makes both of our lives easier.

Right now the quantitative goal for StF is to get missions posted to the program as comments. And new signups, especially from target countries. How to know this kind of detailed information about new signups?

Not comments, posts right?

Just to be sure we are clear Said. We want people to post stories/essay as posts, and engage others in commenting those posts.

We do not want stories as comments.

Create goals

Go to the Edgeryders GA page, then Conversions => Goals => Overview. I already created some goals, including signup and create/edit node. We have almost a year worth of tracking for these. We don’t have comments, because there is no one URL, not even allowing for Regular Expressions, that tracks the creation of comments. We might need to create a “ghost page”, with some php that tells Drupal to go through a certain URL immediately after comment creation. As I said, GA counts pageviews: it is not connected to the database, so it can’t count directly the created comments.

But generally speaking, to do this stuff you need to be confident with the bowels of GA and do stuff like this.

Another approach is to create a dashboard page with daily events happening on the site using Views, that does query the DB. @Dorotea knows how to make views. Through a module called Datasource (installed already) you can export views to JSON or CSV files.

groups > posts

groups > posts

got it. I knew that but simply used the wrong vocabulary in this thread. Ay yay yay!

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@Noemi based on all what is

@noemi based on all what is said above, i take it that the URL which matters the most right now for outreach purposes this week is —>  /t/spot-the-future-making-a-living/561

It is from here and only from here that participants from Armenia and Egypt would create a post from the appropriate group

For Georgia it will be here:

I have uploaded the social media calendar


(tweeting format or so because it’s shorter, but can be adapted to other channels)

Notice I’ve put in short links whose impact (no of clicks) we can monitor by going to:

So for the next week I suggest a 2 day push for each Spot the Future workshop, which means promoting

  1. (permanently)

  2. specific event page: we have in each country no matter under which theme group

Example for the next days:

GEORGIA - event + post on women hacktivists + We the People which is the dedicated campaign in this country (see the updated calendar).

Then we move on with ARMENIA - event + upcoming posts + Making a Living

This is because I think we need a big push on events over the next week since they’re fast approaching rather than pushing campaign-wise.

FYI I don’t think the calendar will be checked by everyone in the team (especially since some are new and it may be difficult to navigate the amount of info, find wikis etc), so I suggest for starters me emailing you guys in the social media team + community builders in all countries, who are tasked also with translating the posts . Later on we can rotate, how’s that? I think this is more useful to be able to start working together tightly - give each other feedback so that we learn together, plus Alberto, Nadia & co. already know how to catch up with what the official ER is pushing, so no need to email them too.

How’s this? I can start TOMORROW if you OK it @saidhamideh

ok for me

@Noemi yes, ok for me

I also think by email it will be more safe for a start,

but we can keep the calendar updated, and also mark some “what’s important this week” schedules, just for the record and a general overview.