Social media reports against Platform signups - how to improve them?

Hei @anon82932460 I keep seeing the activity on facebook from afar and I am confused as to what is working and not. Especially because some numbers are high, but they don’t feed back into the conversation in any way, so I would super appreciate any advice you might have.
Are you confident in how this is going? Maybe I’m missing something, so happy to be worrying unnecessarily. Can community managers do anything to help?

For reference, we have had 11 new signups on in the last 10 days, and at least 4 that I know of came through other channels - via people in our network.

Here’s from two boosted posts:

  1. The event in Brno - big boost until on July 6th ended with a facebook backlash, after which the next boost was not approved. I am unclear what to make of a high 6.5K reach and 83 event responses (at least compared to other ads), but no platform signups or even attendance to the event.
    What should we learn? What should we do better?

  1. A post from the Culture squad - it was targeted at Wroclaw Polish women. I am unclear what to make of again, high 7.1K reach and 67 post engagement, but again, no conversation or signups on edgeryders.
    Not sure why you chose this post for promo, and direct it to that group, but i trust you know better.

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From our community call in the Wellbeing project last week, we had some thoughts:

  • Response was in English from the Edgeryders account, so it didn’t help. You have to come up with a very clear identity, and it wasn’t clear. We should perhaps put primarily Czech issues at the forefront.

  • It’s hard when you come on the site to see the benefits of the discussions;

  • language is important. Write in Czech and also English, to symbolically show that it’s international

  • unfortunately, Jiri can’t commit to host fb conversations. Do we need to do more work there?



So, regarding the big numbers and low subscriber count:

I was testing several audiences to see which one is the most responsive. Now I know to who we should target our content and where is there potential to expand that.

Event in Brno - Yes, comments went in many directions (my bad there for not setting up a clear framework on handling this before).

When promoting events, for them to be successful, once they are set up, at least 1-3x per week there should be posts that give some more info about the event (who is attending, stories of organizers…), as that gets people more interested in it. This should be paired with responding to questions in their native languages where possible as if an event is in Czech, comments should be in Czech.

Main point: when an event is being organized, organizer should contact me and Inge so we can come up with a story on how to promote the event ( main takeaways, call to actions etc). Then we create a plan and start promoting it, in this way content will be pre-made and verified, so we can make sure that proper content gets posted and there are no problems later. Again, all of these things I should have brought up earlier.

Regarding points from the community call, me and the outreach team have set up already some improvements, but to respond your questions:

  1. Czech issues generate a lot of discussion, so they should go forward yes, and Polish as well in my opinion.
  2. Here you’re reffering to comments on Facebook or on the article linked?
  3. Yes, do agree.
  4. It would be good to have a FB community manager in the native language. Is there someone who could jump into these conversations? I have a few friends from Czech, Poland and Germany that can help out if no-one else can join it.

Change of strategy @anon82932460 - we make very simple campaign landing page for the storytelling prize with simple submission form using our campaign tool

Make a version of this with different text and visuals and a form at the bottom:

We then follow up helping each person to create the account and post their stories on the platform.

The landing page should present only the absolutely essential info from the announcement for the Storytelling prizes (see urls below).

One campaign landing page per language. And get a copywriter from each country to make edits/adopt to the local context.

English: Show us stories that matter, become an expert in a topic and get paid 200 €

Polish: Opowiedz nam historie z życia w Polsce i zarób 200 € - #2

Serbo-Croatian: We don’t have the translation

Czech: We dont have the translation


Fascinating. I have this idea that Facebook is becoming more and more a world of its own, with a very small contact surface with everything else. I am not at all surprised to see that an event can attract some attention in Facebook, but be overlooked in real life.

It turns out that Facebook is relatively marginal in driving our page views. If you sum the desktop site and the mobile site, FB drives about 1/10 of the traffic of Google, and slightly more than that of Twitter. And this with advertising. Are you sure it is the way to go, @anon82932460?