Next content curation call happens Tuesday 23/7, 16.30 CET

These weekly calls are where the Edgeryders communication crew coordinates the work of supporting project teams, community managers, fellows and community members to get the word out and engage people in the exciting work everyone is doing.

They happen Tuesdays at 16.30 CET on ZOOM here:

This call will focus on:

  • Who is our target audience? taking into account parameters set up in this post.
  • Coordinating outreach strategies and decide on full-on campaigns in which different people have different responsibilities to ensure attendance: POPREBEL and NGI (Inge creates checklist for this)
  • Gathering input on what is happening in the different projects and what content should be promoted in the next weeks: POPREBEL and NGI
  • Building a unified campaign to highlight our Climate work and draw participation in the different activities and platform conversations (Deep Green/EarthOS)
  • Making visible what people can get out of participating to the conversations and activities hosted on this platform.

Project Update 1/2:


Please prepare to describe updates & share urls to platform content you especially like/want pushed out: @alberto @marina @noemi @nadia @natalia_skoczylas @Jan @amelia@matthias @natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian @Richard


  • Weekly community calls:
  • Autumn: Serbian and German Legs Later in summer/autumn - what help needed?

2. Social Media stats and figuring out which platforms to use and how @fsimonov

Project #2/2:


Please prepare to describe updates & share urls to platform content you especially like/want pushed out: @alberto @nadia @johncoate @hugi @MariaEuler @amelia @matthias @katjab @RobvanKranenburg @Heshanij @mirkopresser

In order to move forward we need input from esp the coordinator to the questions posted here:


  • Events (invitations to, as well as documentation from)
  • Calls for participation
  • Other

2. Social Media status (@fsimonov)

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it’s a wiki, so everyone can edit :slight_smile: - I’ll make some additions in the coming days as well, but all please have a look and add, so we can have a productive meeting!

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Thanks. I would like/need help to promote

  1. Urgent: This event intensely for the next week (it is happening on July 23so we are very short on time):

  2. Urgent: The call for storytellers: Every week in all three poprebel languages and content

  3. This call for speakers every week from now End of August:

Please let me know what you need to make this generate signups.

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@inge I think Tuesday next week is the 23rd not 22nd. Just to be sure.

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Thanks Inge!

To promote:

Call for Czech local connectors - final push till end of July:

I think it should be hosted somewhere else/ in different format - @nadia @owen is it possible to get a version on with application process being an email to Jirka?
Just to make sure we are not losing people due to difficulty/ inability to signup on the platform.

For Wellbeing in Europe - we need to make new community calls event pages on platform + facebook - depending on dates and topics decided by @natalia_skoczylas @AskaBednarczyk @Mikomann and @Jirka_Kocian. We will have them announced by Tuesday.

@fsimonov flagging for you @noemi’s promotion needs for call for czech local connectors

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Working on it already

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reminder that we have our call tomorrow at 16:30! :slight_smile:

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The call is happening here:

New relevant content - both in Czech:

in English

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