Société simple

Hello @reef-finance,

We didn’t have a Team Coordination meeting since quite a while because of the summer break, so I am a bit unclear about where we are with the société simple.

As far as I understand it, it seems like something that can be fixed quite quickly should it become urgent all of a sudden, but I think it would nevertheless be a win if we could move on with this issue.

The last message I found was from Ugne: Notary follow-up & things to do - #17 by ugne. As far as I can see, there are four things to be done or clarified:

  1. Read the draft statutes that we received from the notary, and see whether we understand every single sentence in it.

  2. Fill in some parameters in the statutes (highlighted by an asterisk (*) in the text, mostly some numbers).

  3. Find a creative solution to fill in all the positions on all the different bodies (Board, Committee of Wise People and whatnot - @reef-governance can probably help)

  4. Get clarity about the process for adding new members.

Would you possibly have time to look into this, and to report to the plenary either on 22/08 or on 06/09?

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This could be one for @Adriana, who volunteered for reading legal documents. Are you up for it, Adriana?

Sure! To report back at the Plenary in September, if okay? I am high in the Italian mountains at our next Plenary.

What does the coordinator @Lee say to that?

I appreciate Adriana’s offer, but in general I am not in favour of postponing tasks for several weeks (in this case four) because an individual is not available. It’s about 15 pages, so not a long read, and I think it’s important anyway that several people in Team Finance know every single article in that document. So if you agree I would prefer a solution that kicks in a bit faster.

Hi there, I am a bit surprised: in one of the previous messages it mentioned to report back by either 22/08 or 6/9? Anyhow, I am still happy to read but cannot present in the August plenary. Let me know whether or not I should still take action.

Apologies for the confusion. With “report back to the plenary” I meant to say “present a proposal with final version (i.e. all parameters filled in)”. So that would require a reading ASAP.

Txs for clarifying! I had a brief look at the first 10 pages of the statutes. They seem very straightforward as such (legally this is what you would expect and what must, by law, be included). The most important thing however is they reflect the way The Reef wants to operate. Happy to have a discussion with the Finance team next week if deemed helpful. I leave Saturday 19th for a week.

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I meant to say that the most important thing is that they will reflect the way the Reef wants to operate (as far as this is possible, as many things are mandatory by law). This is what one should focus on when reviewing, aside general understanding of course.
@alberto @Lee

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@reef-finance, would you have time for a quick check-in (with Adriana too)? Maybe Thursday?

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Yes, Wed, Thu and Fri work from my side.

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FYI, I am doing the facilities training on Thursday. I could do end afternoon Friday?

Friday it is. Meeting of @reef-finance plus @Adriana . 17.30 OK? Too early?

  • We hear from her about société simple
  • We also have a new thing to discuss, about support for members looking for credit.
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17.30 ok

Zoom link on the calendar. See you tomorrow.


Hey @reef-finance and @Adriana, not sure if this is useful, but I went to a networking event organised by Habitat et Participation on Thursday and it was mentioned that they have a lawyer who can proofread legal documents for cohousings - would you like me to enquire about their name and email address?

No thanks, Sophie, I think we are good for now. We had a productive meeting on this yesterday.

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Hi Sophie,

Thanks a lot for thinking about this! I cannot talk for the finance team, but my thinking is that for now this is not necessary as we have the notary to validate the doc from a legal perspective.


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@Sophie, good contact to have in mind though! Thank you!!

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