Sociocracy Facilitation Course - first group

I have moved this to a new thread, as the previous thread is now being used to organise the second group doing this course.

If I remember well (which I don’t always!), those of us at the first course were: me, @Sarah, @ThomasMaertens, @Celine_D, @RalfWetzel and @Laurianne.

@manuelpueyo - you were also there at the beginning, but had to leave early. I see on the other thread that you have expressed interest in joining the second group, so I assume that you want to do it again from the beginning…

I have created a Framadate poll to find a time to do the next 2 parts of the training. Ideally, in terms of time management, we could meet on a weekend and do both at the same time, but Sarah and I have only one free day possible for that in the near future. The other option is a couple of evenings, and there are four to choose from on the poll. It is quite possible that we won’t be able to find a time for everyone to be involved, but if we can get most of the group together for the one or two sessions, that would be nice :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the poll:

I think these sorts of trainings are much better done in person, which can also involve a shared meal. We’re happy to do it at our place, or if someone would like to host, that would also be nice…



Hi everyone!

So it looks like the Tuesday evening of 7 February is shaping up as a potential for a next meeting to move this training forward. Could @RalfWetzel, @ThomasMaertens and @Celine_D please fill in the poll, or indicate here in the thread that you’re too busy at the moment to be involved (no wrong answers:).

I’m juggling 2-3 Reef-related meetings a week at the moment, so sorting my schedule out in advance is the only way to maintain some sort of stability in my overly ordered mind :slight_smile:


I did have a feeling there was something on the 7th (and asked you I think!)…
So now I’ve booked something else :-/
Maybe we’ll have to do 2 groups?? And/or merge with the other group?
(and maybe you should put this date out to them to have enough people, in case it might be convenient for somebody ?)

I can attend, Chris. sorry for the silence, I am suffocated by multiple sources of work currently …
big hug, Ralf

I’ll have another look at the dates soon and make a suggestion…

That might work :slight_smile:

The other dates that could potentially work for everyone is wednesday 15th, or technically Tuesday 14th but I also have a thing on that day now (btw we really need to be quick with these polls…)
@Laurianne : you marked yourself as a maybe, do you think you could join?
The other question is whether 4 is enough to make the role play work?

On the 15th, I could, yes !

So it’s looking like Wednesday 15 February is shaping up as the best evening to get 4, maybe even 5, of us together for the second session of this course. Tonight the second group are meeting to do the first session, so I’ll wait to see who takes part in that, and perhaps we’ll join the two groups…

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So it turns out that Sarah and I have a Team Governance meeting on the evening of the 15th. However, the other group have done the first session, and are doing the second and third session on the 25th (which is a Saturday). I think it would make sense for both groups to do it together then, so we’re moving back to that thread… see you there!

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