Some decisions on ethics

@markomanka and I had, yesterday, a call about ethics. I report:

  • A Drupal module incorporating the consent funnel has now been delivered. There are issues about integrating it into Edgeryders, where non-OpenCare activities are also hosted. Edgeryrders and ScImpulse will take care of that, starting with an installation (probably on a staging server) by @Matthias of the module.
  • What about the content already submitted, which is substantial (about 50 challenge responses + estimated 200 comments + all the pre-April posts)? Marco's proposal is this. Once the consent funnel is in place, we ping all the authors, offering them three possibilities. 
  1. Complete the consent funnel. This means all their past and future content is accepted for OpenCare.
  2. Deny consent. This means their past and future content is not usable for the OpenCare data processing.
  3. Do nothing. If they do nothing, their past content is still usable for OpenCare data processing. Their future content will only go into OpenCare if they, at the time of submission, go through the consent funnel. 
  • Marco will run this proposal through OpenCare's ethical advisors.

Ethics Advisory Board


Would it be possible to publish information about the Ethics Advisory Board on the community platform (once you are ready with the Drupal module)?

It is indeed one of the requirements from the EC : we must publish the project’s ethics policy and it has to be visible by all users (this is how they will check our ethics policy, see Annex 1 GA).

We could use the content of this document again:

Maybe it could somehow be added to the consent form you are implementing with Drupal, or displayed on the community platform under a specific ethics tab?

I trust you to pick the best option :slight_smile: