Some ideas on communication and networking in the current phase

Hello @reeflings, I have come across a couple of opportunities that we could maybe use to populate further our 2nd of June presentation.

  1. A friend, Pieter, attended the April 21st presentation and liked it very much. So much, in facgt, that he is offering to “give us a network boost”. His words:

    […] I would like to give projects, that I believe are worth it, a boost network wise. I think the cohousing project would be perfect for this. I would like to create a network event where people can hear about your project. Would this interest you?

    I can testify to the fact that he has a large network. Would any of you be interested in following up with him, agreeing on what he could do, how we couldsupport him etc.?

  2. My housemates sent me a list of Brussels-based Facebook groups of people looking for housing. She suggested we could find some interested people in there. @manuelpueyo, could you incorporate it in your Facebook strategy?

this is great! i can follow up on this

ok! good idea! I will leave a comment there

by the way, how are we doing in terms of subscriptions for the june event?

Great. I have written to both of you, and let Pieter know on Signal.

9 registration, 13 people. You can follow this in the “Meetings with new Reeflings” fodler on Drive. These forms are still on Google, because the form functionality on NextCloud is quite primitive.

Also: @Lee, there is a mail in the cohousing mailbox from someone that wants to join the June 12th workshop, but cannot make it. Do you want to address it?

I’m a bit confused about this. What’s the difference with the presentation on 2 June? Have you suggested to him to share the event announcement we have on Facebook? Or would you like me to get in touch with him?

Done. If it would happen again: the trick is to fill in the form nevertheless (it has an option “I can’t attend the workshop”), so we have their data and can keep them in the loop.

I’m not super convinced about the Facebook groups, but we can always give it a try of course. I followed the “Samenhuizen / Cohousing BXL” for a while, and didn’t see a lot that was of interest to us (these are mostly people with small budgets looking to rent).

If somebody has time and energy I would rather look into networks of people with ecological or societal engagements. Concrete examples could be the GASAPs or “le DK”? @manuelpueyo the latter is not so far from where you live. Would you maybe have the time to pass by to drop some flyers there?

ok! i can pass by to drop some flyers. is not far

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