Some minor technical improvements to the opencare conversation space

Hello all! So:

  • Challenge and Challenge response content types now support multiple languages. This had been requested by @Franca .
  • The search has been improved: now all comments are indexed. To find a post/comment/event/whatever, type one or more words used in that piece of content in the search box. Examples: Germany + social, or "business models". If you find "no results", check that your string does not include the locution "type:commons_search", for example "business models"type:commons_search. If this happens, erase the "type..." and hit the "search button again. This was requested by @Rossana_Torri .
  • The opencare-explorer page now has a button that shows you only the content you have not seen in the opencare conversation (excluding the research group).  This was requested by no one in particular, but I though @Amelia would find it useful. 
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Definitely useful, thanks @Alberto

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