Some progress and a comment on the process

Hi all, I am making progress with the Matera application. My first three questions are down – 8 to go, plus the map.

A note on the process. I found Arthur’s approach too analytic – there is no way I can work across 3 applications x 11 questions + 1 map = 36 Google Docs, plus the reference folder and the principles file. What I did was to collapse back all questions into one single file, called Matera draft, and am working in there. My preference, actually, would be that we all worked within the same file, according to the structure:

  • question 1
    • answer 1 Matera
    • answer 1 Cork
    • answer 1 Santa Cruz
  • question 2

And so on. This enables us to “cross pollinate” without the effort of navigating several docs. But, of course, who does thw work calls the shots, so you guys are welcome to choose any other method. :slight_smile: