Some quick tasks for Natalia


  1. can you confirm all the VIPs travels are booked? Can you put up a wiki with their arrival/departure dates?
  2. can you edit the FAQs entering your Italian phone number? Nadia had put hers up, but that's a joke – it is always turned off!
  3. can you look for Felice (ask @Bembo_Davies or any of the Materans)? He is a Kung Fu teacher/activist. Back in July we discussed the possibility of him giving LOTErs an early morning fitness program. See if he is still up for it. Felice told me he wanted very much to be involved with the unMonastery/Edgeryders, but he is not the kind of guy who spends a lot of time on the Internet, and his English is quite basic. But this way, he could be involved in a way that allows him to shine.

@Alberto, the VIPs are not booked - Amelia is silent, I will send her a reminder, but she promised to come back to us once she has all confirmations. Fabrizio - same case. I called them some days ago and they promised news today, let’s hope they will arrive.

I will add my nr and I will look for Felice.

Not good

Let’s set a hard deadline for Amelia: she has to confirm by tomorrow (is that OK, @Nadia?). We need to start closing things.

We have a little more time for Fabrizio, because he is traveling from Italy, with lower costs and possibly train travel. What about Robin?