Some sketches for logos - what do you think?

Hey everyone, some sketches to figure out direction. Thoughts? Maybe you want to propose something yourself?







7. Screenshot 2021-10-11 at 17.00.18

I think 6 and 7 feel solid to me. (7 has a tiny line error in the lower left edge) Also, I would make the W and M larger. I always test logos for scaling. What would you use for the tiny version? How does it look huge. Most of these feel a tad complex. 6 really works.

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I like #7. It not overplaying the iceberg association.

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I like 6 and 7 personally, I think the fractal island design is cool. @nadia

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@jean_russell @owen @martin 1 or 2? :slight_smile:

Hello @nadia: 2