Some Updates & Questions

Heads up - for the CountOnMe newsletter we have a new sign up system -

We’ll be pushing out calls to subscribe more frequently to boost regular engagement with the Edgeryders community.

The new platform works great from a discussion functionality, for marketing I believe we could do with more personalised pages…

@Noemi mentioned developing a wordpress mini-site for the OpenVillage event in our last call - is there any way I can help with this? I would be very interested in designing a small network of mini sites that highlight core projects ongoing in the Edgeryders community. They will link back to the Discourse platform (maybe even highlighting some of the conversations on the sites, if there is an API to fetch content or even an RSS/JSON feed).

We could start by making a single page site for the MENA project - @Noemi if you want to work together on this let’s get started :slight_smile:

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Yes, thinking alike. I dont think we can do much outward communication about complex projects using the forum.

You’re just in time for the website… All help would be super appreciated!

Very nice, I’m excited :slight_smile:

I’m a bit avoidant of Wordpress as it’s often overkill for these kinds of things - developing a fast loading static HTML5 template appeals to me more from an accessibility, speed and search engine perspective. I’m happy to prototype first and see where it goes though.

I can start by working on a front end design and with your input we can take it from there… Let’s arrange a call - will reply to your email.

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#win :))