Sono ancora a unMonastery

Short and warm (and superwindy) hello from Matera, where I succesfully parachuted yesterday - it’s been already around 15 handshakes ago, a few interesting talks with Materani, one serious blackout in the kitchen caused by coffee machine (fast reaction of Marc saved my day), one problem with the doors, and a rapid adaptation into this marvelous space.

Now I’ll be making sure everyone and everything arrives here best quality and on time.

Ci vediamo presto!

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looks lovely, can’t wait to be there!

Hey Natalia, glad you made it there in one piece :slight_smile:

Is the building still in good shape? And is there equipment to cook with/eat on?

welcome in Matera!

Hey Natalia! This is Ramona Bavassano, an Edgeryder and also a friend of all the UnMonasterians! I am in Matera now and will be here again for Lote4, helping with envolving the local community, creating occasions of interactions throughout food in the convivial italian style that we like so much and translating if needed.

In the month of August with the project we continued the artistic residence started in June with UnMonastery and in a certain sense “took the witness” and continued spreading the work and committment of UnMonastery. So, don’t esitate to contact me for anything you might need. Have a great staying in amazing Matera!


@Nadia, there is equipment in the kitchen, fairly enough of it. it needs cleaning, I will do it before you arrive (now just the essential minimum, it will get dirty by October anyway). The room is ok, looks like the people who left didn’t really clean it as well, so I will have some basic work to do. But it’s great besides!

@ramonab - we shall meet here as soon as possible, maybe this weekend? I want to start planning some small events and have an overview of what will and can be done, would you find some time?

let’s meet

Hi! I am free Tomorrow in the early afternoon but meanwhile why don’t you come this night at Il QUarto Storto bar in via bruno buozzi to assit to a special event of Brasilicata Tour? Brazilian artists are performing a shoe based on ancient folkloric collective poplar operas and will interact with local musicians. It’s in the sassi, just follow via madonna delle virtù along the gravina towards via Casalnuovo. It starts at 2\1,30 and it’s free. Ramona whatsapp 00393473528067


do what ramona says