Sound Workshop

Documenting session Sound Workshop Matera/unMonastery/Edgeryders conference

Thank you for amazing opportunity to have this session and thank you for everyone who joined it.

Here are a couple of excerpts from recording.

We have talked about various aspect of therapeutic sound in personal practice and community bonding/building.

The sounds that you will hear are from two very simple practices that can be used in daily activity for tuning in with each other, building up the energy levels, balancing group energy.

Micro-to-macro Circle:

This recording is a documentation of Sound Vocal Workshop that took place at the Edgeryders conference at unMonastery, Matera, November 2013. This excerpt is the micro to macro sounding circle connecting individuals through sounding, vibrating and resonating. This practice connects those standing in the circle but also it connects the circle to the outer / bigger community. The recording contains short practice and feedback from the participants.

The Name Circle:

This is recording of the ‘Name Circle’ part of the Sound workshop at unMonastery. This practice is borrowed from Jill Purce workshop, as it felt right to share it in the context of community bonding and building. The circle/s get together, one person in the center sings his/her name and the circle sings the name back to them following the four directions/four times. The practice allows to hear your name cuddled by the sound of many voices, nourished and nurtured, hear it as you never heard it before, listen and love it and it’s sounding  once again.

There is a lot I would like to share and you are very welcome to get in touch if you need any information, further help or instructions on any of the warm-ups, voice development practice, or group practice.

Video from Natalie


Thank you!

I’ve been there for half of the session and i enjoyed it! for some reason I thought it was coming to an end when i left, and then it turned out you guys spent about 3 hours there :-)

I can’t imagine doing this without a group that feels safe and a setting that’s calm and reassuring, and seeing a video of us circulating on fabook with some people raising eyebrows, made this even more obvious. I think the unMonastery was a great choice for the workshop. well done [Fotona]!

Added to the summary…

I added a link to this page to the Documentation summary wiki. Good work!

Thank you!

Noemi, this is very interesting comment = that you have to be in a group that feels safe and the setting has to be prepared. At the moment I am doing other work which is a little different - it is more concerned with people stepping into the space being much less prepared for an esperience of sounding together and I am finding it very very challenging. It is not easy to create a space where people will safe and at the same time will still feel active enough to be able to step out of their own box and into a common space where a different kind of experience can happen.

I will be posting results here if anyone is interested