Spithari Project, Greece



Spithari Project is a four person open community and a venture towards an eco community that use rational consensus for decision making. The project undertakes research work mainly on water, food and energy production, and housing in order to form a new model to meet the basic material needs of man in terms of sustainability, applying a rational use of natural resources. They are now energy efficient and currently focusing on food efficiency. The put a lot of value on solidarity, collaboration instead of competition, the communal ownership private property and freedom of conscience. They work towards releasing the ‘pillars of life’ (water, food, energy, shelter and love) from regimented institutions continually applying science and logic to their research rather than meaningless ideologies. Spithari disseminate knowledge of any gain in the course of their projects and actively promote the creation and expansion of a continuous network. They are one of the main organises of the Festival for Solidarity & Cooperative Economy which takes places annually in Athens on the 10,11,12th October.