Spot the future ورشه عمل فى القاهره

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:gb: English version

There are a lot of local initiatives in egypt targeting a lot of different causes from political struggle to environmental and social issues .A lot of these work outside the mainstream with little or no support from any kind of institutions.

Egypt is a country with the average age of 25 years old , so a lot of effort is done by youth in order to face the global problems like unemployment or poverty .People always try to find their own solutions to their problems like the people of Al M’temdia who actually build a ring road exit themselves without the need of any governance taking the chance of the collapse of the security systems or people who are trying to find alternatives for the formal educational system through homeschooling ,or other young entrepreneurs who are trying to find their own way of doing things and making a living , who don’t care about university degrees or other obligations from the society but they can get things done .

Over the past year many of us have discovered we have many more resources than we think, especially when we pool them as an international community. So we are organising a workshop in Cairo where we meet, build on the online conversation we’re having already and map local assets. The workshops are documented and shared with the rest of the International Edgeryders community to learn from and share the knowledge.

Purpose of workshop

To draw out people doing interesting work in the local social innovation/hacktivism/tech scenes by offering an opportunity to discover and learn from interesting projects their peers are working on elsewhere, and to share their work and learnings.

Format: action oriented and designed to be useful for hands-on practitioners:

The Edgeryders event format has been developed by hundreds of participants in over 30 cities.

  1. Find each other online: we introduce ourselves and our projects here and participants can ask each other questions- so we are sure everyone understands one anothers projects and what challenges we each face.

  2. Swarm the challenges: We identify shared obstacles and engage the rest of the Edgeryders community in sharing ideas or experiences of how to address them.

  3. Build shared solutions: The physical workshop is where we co-design shared solutions that can be built by the participants in the room. We then follow up and continue online.

We know this process works. It’s how we have gotten projects like the unMonastery, and Economy App off the ground in less than two years in spite of most of us having very little money.

Who it is for: Anyone passionate about their project. Citizens and representatives of initiatives related to unemployment, migration, poverty, environment and use of common spaces, arts, do-it-yourself approaches, community health and wellbeing, innovative civic participation channels etc.

How it contributes to achieving participants aims: We’ll surface cutting edge projects and practices from the local scene and connect them to the ones already in the Edgeryders community. By meeting another on the Edgeryders platform and presenting our projects in advance, the physical workshop will be more generative for participants. We think this good for everyone and inspire and energise new collaborations between participants.

A generative workshop would result in the following outcomes:

  • get participants excited about sharing personal stories and interacting with others in a context of trust and peer support → both during the event and after it, online
  • map where appropriate kinds of resources can be found if needed → who can act as a local community builder and host subsequent events or spread the word about Spot the Future, what initiatives generate most enthusiasm and support from the others in the room
  • inspire the people in attendance (both physically and through social media - hashtag futurespotters) to engage more people who are NOT in attendance.
  • acknowledge future-building initiatives and encourage an ethics of rewarding the doers. This should make it more sustainable to engage in effective actions in one’s local community.
  • mutual support around one anothers projects, and collaborations with people all over the world.

​To register:

  • Sign up here on our web home and share your personal experiences around making a living, making a difference or caring for commons.

  • As soon as we have your contribution we will send you a ticket. But do it today: we only have a limited number of tickets, first come first served!

Fri, 2014-04-25 to Sun, 2014-04-27, (All day) - (All day) +02:00 (Africa/Cairo)

##:ar: Arabic version
هناك الكثير من المبادرات المحلية في مصر التي تعمل فى الكثير من القضايا المختلفه من النضال السياسي للقضايا البيئية والاجتماعية. ومعظم هذه المبادرات تعمل خارج التيار الرئيسي دون اى دعم -او بالقليل من الدعم -من اى نوع من انواع المؤسسات

فى بلد مثل مصر مع متوسط اعمار سكان يقارب 25 سنه الكثير من الجهود تتم من قبل الشباب من أجل مواجهه المشاكل المختلفه مثل البطاله او الفقر.مع ذلك الناس دائما فى محاوله لايجاد حلولهم الخاصه لمشاكلهم مثل اهل المعتمديه الذين بنوا مخرج من على الطريق الدائرى بانفسمم من دون الحاجه الى مساعده من الحكومه انتهازا لفرصه انهيار الاجهزه الامنيه فى الثلاث اشهر التاليه لخلع مبارك أو الناس الذين يحاولون ايجاد بدائل لنظام التعلبم الرسمى من خلال التعليم من المنزل أو رواد الاعمال الشباب الذين يحاولون العثور على طريقتهم الخاصه لكسب الرزق ولايهتمون بالشهادات الجامعيه او اى التزامات اخرى يفرضها عليهم المجتمع

خلال العام الماضي اكتشف الكثير منا ان لدينا العديد من الموارد اكثر مما نعتقد ، وخصوصا عندما نجتمع معا كمجتمع دولي . لذلك نقوم بتنظيم ورشة عمل في القاهرة حيث نجتمع ونبنى على محادثاتنا عبر الإنترنت مع المبادرات المختلفه . يتم توثيق ورش العمل وتشاركها مع بقية المجتمع الدولي للتعلم منها ومشاركه المعرفة

الهدف من ورشة العمل

تجميع الناس المختلفه الذين يقومون بأعمال مثيرة للاهتمام في الكواليس من الابتكار الاجتماعي / النضال البرمجي / التكنولوجيا المحلية من خلال تقديم فرصة لاكتشاف والتعلم من المشاريع المختلفه والعمل مع أقرانهم في أماكن أخرى، وتبادل عملهم والتعلم منه

تنسيق ورشه العمل لتكون مفيده وعمليه للمتشاركين

هذه التنسيق قد تطور من خلال المئات من المشاركين من 30 دوله مختلفه

  1. نجد بعضنا البعض على الانترنت : نقدم انفسنا ونشارك مشاريعنا المختلفه على الموقع هنا يمكن للمتشاركين ان يسالوا بعضهم البعض ويتعرفوا اكثر على المشاريع والمشاكل العقبات التى تواجه كل مشروع
  2. تحديد التحديات : نحدد العقبات المشتركه و نشرك بقيه مجتمع “ايدجرايدرز” فى تبادل الافكار والخبرات فى كيفيه معالجتها
  3. بناء الحلول المشتركه : من خلال ورشه العمل فى القاهره حيث نتشارك جميعا فى تصميم الحلول التى يمكن ان تنتج من قبل المشاركين فى الورشه

نحن نعلم ان هذه الطريقه تنجح :انها نفس الطريقه التى وصلنا بها لمشاريع مثل

unmonastery and economy app

فى اقل من عامين بالقليل من المال

لمن هذه الورشه : لاى شخص متحمس لمشروعه او اى من ممثلى المبادرات المهتمه بالبطاله والهجره والفقر والبيئه واستخدام والمساحات المشتركه والفنون والصحه والابتكارات المختلفه ….الخ

كيف نساهم في تحقيق أهداف المشاركين: سنقوم بمسح المشاريع والممارسات الجديده من الساحة المحلية وربطها بتلك التى تعمل بالفعل في مجتمع “ايدجرايدرز”. من خلال اللقاء آخر على الموقع وعرض مشاريعنا في وقت مبكر، وسوف تكون ورشة العمل فى القاهره أكثر نفعا للمشاركين لايجاد حلول مبتكره. نحن نعتقد أن هذا جيد للجميع ولتنشيط التعاون بين المشاركين

النتائج المتوقعه من ورش العمل

هذا النوع من ورش العمل نتيجته مفتوح لنتائج مختلفه ويعتمد على المشاركين فى المقام الاول

  • تحميس المتشاركين لمشاركه قصصهم الشخصيه والتفاعل مع الاخرين فى سياق من الثقه والدعم لاقرانهم خلال ورشه العمل وعلى الانترنت
  • الحصول على المشاركين متحمسين لمشاركه قصصهم الشخصية والتفاعل مع الآخرين في سياق من الثقة والدعم ا-> على حد سواء خلال هذا الحدث، وبعد ذلك، على شبكة الإنترنت
  • معرفه وتحديد انواع مختلفه من الموارد يمكن الحصول عليها اذا لزم الامر-> الذين يمكنوا بمثابة بناه للمجتمع المحلي ويمكنمه استضافه احداث اخرى او نشر الافكار المختلفه للمبادرات وتوليد الحماس لتفعيلها
  • الدعم المتبادل حول بعضها بعضا المشاريع، والتعاون مع الناس في جميع أنحاء العالم.
  • تشجيع الناس على حضور الورشه او على التفاعل اونلاين عن طريق الهاشتاج
  • #futurespotters


making a living, making a difference or caring for commons. التسجيل هنا على شبكة الإنترنت لتبادل الخبرات الشخصيه فى احد هذه الموضوعات

بعد اضافه مشاركتك حول مشروعك سوف نرسل لك الدعوه

سجل الان لان لدينا عدد محدود من التذاكر

Date: 2014-04-24 22:00:00 - 2014-04-26 22:00:00, Africa/Cairo Time.


my expectations for this workshop : - with very good positiveconnecting local initiatives together or making a better environment for collaboration from what I have seen that sometimes a lot of young people working in CBOs and NGOs energy but the product doesn’t match the effort because they are all working on the same cause and duplicating the work , - I hope that we can reach the people who are working in smaller scale not only the big initiatives as these people are very self motivated and don’t have “other” intentions - learning from Armenia and Georgia see what we have in common ,know more about how “people” face same problems with different approach.


What do we as UNDP hope to get out of this?!

So, Nadia asked a very important question in yesterday’s weekly call ‘what do we hope to get out of this, and how can we contribute to achieving those outcomes’?

Spot the Future is one of the new ‘edgy’ things that we’ve been working on as UNDP! It’s definitely a new learning experience and we are here to get the most/make the most out of it; we are very excited for the results!!!

Through this initiative and the workshop in Cairo, we definitely want to build and connect to a network of social innovators in Egypt. There is no doubt that citizens are the experts and we would like to recreate our approach to project design, by allowing a voice for social innovators and use their expertise and creativity in finding new innovative solutions for problems within our community! We would really like to find those passionate social innovators who have all the crazy cool ideas, get connected, get inspired, support them … rediscover ourselves as UNDP and become the hippest agency in town!

Also, we can help those that come up with great innovative solutions for key issues move from the ‘idea’ phase to actual implementation and realization of their vision. We can definitely connect them to our networks and resources to bring their ideas to life and help them lift their projects off the ground!

We are still in the beginning of our journey, and we are here to experiment and learn great things from this experience! Let’s see where this ride takes us!!!


Time change for workshop


I was thinking that 8:30 am might be too early, especially that it’s a friday. Can we change it to 9:30? and please keep in mind that there is the friday prayer at 12pm, so there should be a break from 12 pm - 1 pm!


the timing challenge, in Egypt :slight_smile:

hi there

having been in those conversations for quite some time, here my approach: yes, start early, even on a Friday, so you have time to get well started as in GROUNDED before people want to go for the prayer. 9am works well for those who really want to be part of what is happening.

positive thoughts!


I will be there from 8.30 am. Session starts at 9:00 sharp.

We have a limited amount of time with one another and I prefer short and focused with fewer people than be too flexible and dilute energy.

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Thanks for your contribution

As @Gazbee Sorour said weshould change event’s time because it’s too too early and please consider that you will have attendees outside Cairo and transportation on Friday is very tough process . I’m one of those attendees !

On the other hand it would be great idea and wishing all the best for this event and other upcoming initiatives

Later i’ll discuss with you all challenges here in our Egyptian ecosystem and why we don’t have successful entrepreneurs !


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9.30 late enough?

Amr hi and welcome to Edgeryders. The program is gin g to be published soon. The idea is for us, the organisers to be there from quite early but the actualy program starts later. We’re publishing it tomorrow so that should clear up a few questions.

the timing challenge, once more :slight_smile:

hello Amr - any chance you could come to Cairo already Thursday night? I am fully aware of all the challenges to transportation, and even starting later on Friday may not help to solve the challenge :slight_smile:

And I TOTALLY disagree on your statement on ‘why we do not have successful enterpreneurs’ - there are plenty, in Egypt, and many young ones. The point may be, how do you define successful :slight_smile:

You need more publicity

Hello all

How come I just knew about this today! I am always in contact with a huge network in social development field !

I work in youth development field, and if we are going to “spot the future” then we just have to spot younger generation. for me, there is no other means for that goal.

I’ve seen youth field in Egypt and in Europe. We can talk for ages about challenges and opportunities for youth. I have seen examples and success stories in Youth participation in society.

Idease will be flowing in every direction during the workshop am sure, the important thing is to build-up on that.



WE are the publicity

Hello @amrarafa, and welcome aboard. Edgeryders does not do traditional communication, not really: we focus on talking on interesting people and delivering interesting content, and trust the message to travel across the social graph: people we talk to relay the news to their friends, and their friends to yet more people. Since you found us, it seems it’s working. :slight_smile:

You are totally right about needing to build up on the workshop. This is why we emphasize so much online collaboration over a longer time period! You can think of the physical workshop in Cairo as a sort of vitamin pill, that will get key people in the Spot The Future community energized: but the real work, as always, will be done online in the coming days and weeks. 


Career Coaching

Me and a friend is formullating an organization as NGO for Career Coaching. We are aiming to enhance the employment market by identifing the personality styles, career interests, career values and motivational skills for youth.

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Workshop Start Time

I would be able to attend the workshop on Friday and Sunday (yet am assigned to deliver training Saturday). It was suggested that the training would be postponed, but I am not sure if that suggestion could be implemented by the organizers or not.

I think that may be you should have tried to make it today… See you soon…

Remote participation

Just a quick question> event can be attended online?


online offline mixes rarely ever work. so we are not doing this

futurespotters Workshop Program

Day 1, 25 April, 09:00-18:00

  • Morning: Introductions outside or in an informal environment
  • Before lunch: Edgeryders presentation
  • After lunch:  What are your challenges? Examples from Edgeryders in terms of asking the rightquestions- concrete and really personal!
  • Evening: informal hang out somewhere nice and relaxed after the workshop. Time & venue tbc

Day 2, 25 April,  09:00 -18:00

  • Morning: Participants presentations & collecting feedback - documentation posted online.
  • Noon; Present clustered themes of challenges that we have summarized from Day1; Discuss resources we each have assuming "no one is coming to the rescue"
  • After lunch- split into groups to work on challenges. Someone in each group takse notes in a document + uploads them on the platform at the end, before leaving the room.
  • Evening: informal hang out somewhere nice and relaxed after the workshop. Time & venue t.b.c

What happens after workshop?

  1. Go from insights to actionables: While our memories are still fresh we are reconnect, post notes from discussions and continue to develop ideas that came out of the workshop here:
  2. Join the hangouts: If you want to contribute more to help us all make the most of the time we spent together, join our regular Thursday \#communitycalls here:
  3. Travel & meet participants from other countries at an international conference in Tbilisi in June! The most engaged and active participants are eligible for paid travel. More information about this will be published after the workshop

How to make the most out of \#futurespotters before, during and after workshop?

Like everything Edgeryders gets involved in, the futurespotters is a strictly #nospectators initiative. The outcomes of the process depend  on you. The more active you are before, during and after the event….the more generative it is. 

If you want to be well-prepared, eligible for conference & fully involved:

  1. Assume no one else is coming: We bring our skills, time and determination to help one another to \#futurespotters. The physical workshop is where we co-design shared solutions that can be built by the participants requiring only the resources accessible in the room. The online platform is where we coordinate what happens after the event. 
  2. Connect with others online: Get to know your fellow \#futurespotters and feel free to ask them questions online before we meet in person. Writing in Arabic is fine too:
  3. Swarm the challenges: We identify shared obstacles and engage the rest of the Edgeryders community in sharing ideas or experiences of how to address them. Good documentation from the workshops is crucial:

And let’s keep working :slight_smile:

Feedback about the first day of the workshop

I am really happy to know new entrepreneurs who are looking for change and development.

Personally, I got beneficial of concentrating of the main challenges and obstacles which I am really face and I would like to solve in my career coaching project. I would like even to thank Nadya who helped me to restructure my challenging question to how to link the personal qualifications aand capabilities to the employmers /market needs.

I got beneficial from other initiatives and their ideas about how they passed some of their challenges and achieved success.

I enjoyed discussing how we turn our passion to initiative goal which could benefit the society! We agreed that we should figure out a big problem which should affect all of the society, work on an action plan, assign a mentor/coach, start building capacities then start :slight_smile:

By the way, the food was delicious! Thanks againg and waiting for tomorrow :slight_smile: