Spot The Future: Caring for Commons

When commons are endangered is when we realize their value. With natural resources growing scarce and the remaining ones growing expensive, we are living on our own skin the effects of poor management of both commons and our private goods; so new approaches are needed, not just to protect the social-ecological ecosystem, but to make our lives and our communities’ easier. In this group we exchange notes on how we are organising to protect and re-create commons, and be efficient in collectively using them.

Let’s help one another to discover promising initiatives, and learn from them. Maybe even support them if we can.

We see many grassroots initiatives in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia organizing on Facebook groups, under indicative names such as: "We are the owners of this city. How did these initiatives get started? What has been the best way to mobilize action around the initiatives so far? Which channels have been most successful? What other initiatives should we learn about and maybe collaborate with?

How you can participate:

Identify an initiative to build a commons in your city and tell us about it. Is there collaboration involved? What value does it bring to the community? How is it sustainable? If you don’t know of any, ask your friends or social media contacts.

Create a post below telling us what you have found. When you’re done, use futurespotters to share it on social accounts.

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