Spread the concepts of peace through e-learning

Full name: Dr. Hanaa Mohammed Khalaf Al shloul

Date of birth: 11 - 5 - 1986

Place of birth (city and state): Jordan - Irbid

The story: For the first time in the history of human rights and international peace - I have a new experience, which is to spread the concepts of peace and teach them through an electronic learning platform through a group on a closed Facebook where we offer educational videos and report files as well as an electronic exam through a link to the group to answer questions The courses were 100 students and taught the following courses:

  • The course of human rights and international peace: We presented through videos of the most important human rights items
  • Children’s Rights: We presented the most important issues of the child and presented the international reports on the marriage of minors that suffer from some Arab countries such as Yemen.
  • Women’s Rights Course: We presented videos on women’s issues such as physical and verbal violence and sexual harassment.
    Training of Trainers Course: We trained them on how to use and understand human rights terminology and how to apply it.
  • Course on how to write international reports: We explained the most important reports of international peace and amnesty organizations.
  • Journalism and Freedom of Opinion: We presented the most important freedoms of expression and models from the Arab world.
    The experience has been widely accepted and has reached 2000 applications, but we have selected 100 applications from Irbid to implement the experiment. The courses have successfully concluded the students and the death certificates issued by the Foundation for Humanity for Peace Canada I am an international trainer accredited by the Human Foundation and responsible for publishing peace through education - Distance education - because international peace is not confined within regional and geographic boundaries.
    The advantage of the experiment is that it is full-time courses and conditions and not courses for sporadic topics, admirable media, exist on the Google search engine.
    The difficulties were few, because there was an amazing desire by the students to benefit from the grants of the Foundation for Humanity for Peace was free of charge without any material cost, and a wonderful team and a new experience proud of its success and will be widely applied in the Arab countries.
    I had efforts to spread the culture in the Arab countries and our efforts on the search engines “Hanaa shloull”
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@dr.hanaa welcome to edgeryders.

that’s quite interesting. did you really use facebook group to teach the course and follow up with students or was it done via another platform and the facebook group was to exchange ideas as an informal group.

Also since this is an online course, I don’t get why you choose only 100 applicants from one city. was there a physical meetup or some assignments that require people to meet, or is it just a pilot to see if this works or not ?

you can check also Anouar’s @E-CULTURA work in decentralizing education, may be you guys can collaborate or exchange experiences on online education.

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