🗨 Status Report II: What's Up With You?

Have you guys seen “Line goes up”? I find it one of the best explanations around technological trends… well, ever. It also meshes well with my own take of the blockchain as sociopathic innovation, which I finally matured in 2021 after a long contemplation and some personal experimentation.


Yep! Really enjoyed the essay, and it’s been great seeing the video blow up

I’m pretty close to the ‘intrinsically evil’ position - to rant archonic, I became relatively convinced a few year back at a poetic level than Chainers were victims of a They Live/Rokos Basilisk-type mind virus attack, with a probable aim of developing a computational system to house a Cthuloid/Elder God AI. Very brain parasite.

As always, it would be comforting if this were to be true, rather than the default position of greed and stupidity.

On the carbon point, I pay very slight attention to klima, an olympus ponzicoin that aims for locking carbon - because I can conceivably see a valid use - but even purportedly ethical chain-stuff smells ‘useful idiot’ to me?

Whatev about the carbon/energy technical, the allocation of brainpower, much as with financialization prior, is what makes me cry at night.

‘Evil until proven otherwise, with a high burden of proof’ is my moderate position, rather than ‘intrinsically evil’. That’s where I’m at.

Very little interest in what signals the ants appear to be saying, steadily building concern as to the projected shape and function of the Hive-structure they appear to be building. Which links to some of our apparent concerns re the variants of the ‘new-new-new normals’ lately.

Best explanation for crypto yet!

Carbon coins are a legitimate idea. In Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Ministry for the Future, he imagines a coalition of the main central banks (Bank of China, the Fed, the ECB and the Swiss) issuing a carbon coin on the blockchain, tradable very long term, interest-bearing bonds on tons of carbon sequestered. The idea is that if you sequester carbon now, the central banks will give you ironclad money in 2100 or so. The “ironclad” means the secondary market is secure.

Later, Robinson mused that today he would not put that “on the blockchain”, but simply charge the Apocalypse consortium of central banks with keeping a ledger, a secure database. I made a cheatsheet for Ministry in the runup to a book club discussion we had, you can find it here.


TheyLive/Rokos as a hypothesis would explain a lot!

Seems predictive and parsimonious, plus That Blockchain Stare, etc…

“Homo roekonomicus?”

Klima - as with most ‘eco1!1’ Chainers - is still too close to extractive ponzi financialization for my tastes - filed under ‘evil burden of proof’ - but otoh whether backed or implemented by a central legacy institutions or metacoop/DAO, at least its a real problem, and a real asset, versus ‘couldn’t this meeting have been an email’ and ‘solution in search of a problem’, aka ‘why not a nice old database? Or perhaps a file drawer?’

Ahoy folks!

This just caught my eye.

@alberto - would do you have the link handy for that at all?

I know there is a bunch of interest related to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and I had dismissed the blockchain part as a poorly understood plot device, but is be curious if KSR had elaborated some more.

He introduces “Piketty” as a verb in another book, 2150, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been watching some of the experiments like the ones below in Switzerland, and similar moves in China

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Yes. It’s in the author’s response to the Crooked Timber Seminar on Ministry. Money quote:

In the list of mistakes I’ve become aware of making in Ministry , using the word blockchain is prominent. I should have said “encrypted digital money,” or even just “digital encryption.”

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Happy birthday @alberto !!

Thanks, my friend. We both concluded another turn around the sun recently. :slight_smile:

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I am mentioned by name in this NYT book review about “The Quiet Before: on the Unexpected Origins of Radical Ideas” in which there is a chapter devoted to The WELL and the origins of online community and social networking, in which I am also featured. The link below is to a condensed version of that chapter. Only about a third of it is gratis, the rest is behind a paywall. Of course one could go ahead and buy the book…


Even in deeply uncertain times, it feels good to be planning and building a tiny piece of future. With @Lee, @Sabine_B_Frank, @manuelpueyo, @Malcolm and others we have been working on an idea of a co-housing project in Brussels, The Reef. After about a year of doing research, we are now at the point of enlarging the group. We will do it initially with a public meeting, scheduled for the 21st of April. Everyone invited, though this is obviously a local event!

Here is a website with the essential information and a registration link. More discussion and reports from the various cohousing projects we talked to over the past year are in the The Reef category here on Edgeryders. Thanks to @matthias for the inspiring thoughts on green building, @nadia for the illustration, @owen for the Webkit tech supporting the website, and all of Edgeryders for inspiration and companionship!


thats so great to hear!!! congratulations :slight_smile: :partying_face:


Kudos for making it so far already, I’m sure it will all work out eventually. I like the idea! (If it were in a remote rural setting and included a farm, I would join.)


You joining would almost make it worth the change, Matt…


I saw this image in an NGI newsletter. My memory may be fuzzy, but didn’t Nadia first come up with the phrase “Internet of Humans” and didn’t we have to sort of sell the phrase to them?

No, the tagline has been used by the commission since at least 2016. I think it has always been attached to the NGI program. What happened at some point was that we wanted to mostly use that phrase and not so much the Next Generation Internet which we though was a little embarrassing as a title, but we weren’t allowed to do that.

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There was a brief lull with this activity, but now more iterations (languages) of the blueprint of Libro Werde are in planning again.

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Good to know, @iouxo! Meanwhile, I have made a few updates to the main Sci-Fi Econ Lab’s wiki. IN October we are down for a major push to Witness.

I’m getting ready for beta testing on Forby.org.
Exciting times!

Hei, it’s been a long time for me (or it feels like it!), and I’m finding myself casually catching up on some platform reads :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is doing fine and getting ready for an energy “sober” winter. I don’t know about others, but coming across media saying that 19 degrees inside could pose health threats is annoying to me… Ever since I moved to Brussels 5 years back I got used to living at 18-19 degrees inside (thanks to @Alberto), and over time it became the norm, and I wrongly assumed that in Belgium this is not exceptional. In any case, from what I read even small babies thrive at 18-20 inside températures, not more… so this looks like the easier things to do to save up!

What are other people doing… the most compelling energy saving advice you are implementing?

PS Thanks @johncoate again for this thread, really makes it easy to randomly plug in…


When our first child was born the nurses actually prescribed us to keep the house temperature to 19°. I’m still riding that wave, even though I occasionally have to argue about that (our house it’s not easy to heat up so 19° at the thermostat probably means cooler than that… but I don’t mind, kids don’t either, so maybe I should just buy some heated clothes as Matt and Vinay suggest, to cope with the extra challenge of winter 2022? I first heard of them on this forum actually…

I wanted to install solar panel and heat pumps, alas my landlord said no. So I am thinking something to blow hot air from the fireplace, and buy some cheap firewood/deadwood, but I haven’t done it yet.

In case of extremely uncomfortable cold, I am considering sleeping within a tent in our bedroom, easier to heat the air up :smile:

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